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Thank you for being part of the World-Renowned Joffrey Ballet School Summer Program.

We have an amazing summer planned for the year 2015. Please check back regularly for additional scholarship contests and offers.

essay scholarship contest
July 30 – November 30, 2014

Submit your essay below for a chance to win a full-tuition scholarship that includes housing and meals for any of your chosen 2015 Summer Program. Please include your headshot to your submission. View last year's winners below in our archive section.

*Fine Print: The essay scholarship winners are only for programs in the USA and do not quality for Denver or the Joffrey Experience Programs. Students are required to audition first and based upon their scores they will be eligible for certain programs.

New Students: In less than 200 words,share your passion for dance with us and tell us why the Joffrey Ballet School is the world premiere dance school in the USA.

Returning Students: In less than 200 words, tell us about your experience this summer and why the Joffrey Ballet School is the world premiere dance school in the USA.

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Note: Please submit your essay in English and in less than 200 words.

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tites boutique photo contest
July 16 – August 15, 2014


The TITES Boutique SELFIE CONTEST continues on Instagram and Facebook! The winner is chosen based on the most likes on our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. Follow us on Instagram @titesboutique  and post your photo including hashtag #TITESBOUTIQUE and #JBSPHOTOCONTEST.

IMPORTANT: You must be wearing your favorite JOFFREY BALLET SCHOOL UNIFORM purchased at Tites Boutique. It can be in Jazz Contemporary or Ballet form, you choose! So have fun with it, tell your friends and get those likes to win!

NOTE: There are four more weeks to enter so that leaves four more opportunities to win $200 in JBS dancewear. The 'BEST OF' GRAND PRIZE at the end of the TITES Boutique photo contests will receive a 2 WEEK Summer Intensive Scholarship (Domestically) of their choice from The Joffrey Ballet School.

The GRAND PRIZE winner will be chosen by Joffrey Ballet School faculty on August 15, 2014.

grand prize winner

Congratulations Alexia!


Alexia Bobrowski (Instagram @lexiaa_rae) received a 2015 - 2 WEEK Summer Intensive Scholarship (Domestically) of her choice from the Joffrey Ballet School. She also won the $200 in JBS dancewear from Tites Boutique on August 8, 2014.


2014 scholarship archives

dance media video scholarship contest
January - March, 2014.

Dance Media Scholarship Contest - Sponsored by Joffrey Ballet School

Enter for a chance to be awarded a full tuition scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Programs!

Contestants will submit a one to three minute long video to Dance Magazine Video of the Month Contest performing Ballet or Jazz & Contemporary works of their choice. The winners will be awarded full tuition scholarship to one of the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Programs.

Winners will be selected each month by a panel of DanceMedia Editors and Joffrey Ballet School Faculty. Winners will also be posted on, emailed individually and posted on the Joffrey Ballet School website and social media pages. 

Note: Winners must confirm attendance to the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Program within 10 days of notification. Failure to do so will result in loss of scholarship award.

There will be 5 scholarships awarded in January, 10 awarded in February and 15 awarded in March.

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essay scholarship winners

These 25 students won a Full Tuition Scholarship* for a 2 Week Intensive that includes Housing and Meals, Congratulations!

*Fine Print: The essay scholarship winners are only for domestic programs and do not quality for Denver or the Mia Michaels Experience.
Students are required to audition first and based upon their scores they will be eligible for certain programs.

  • essaywinners-_0023_Alyssa PitalugaHaving taken the “minor” Jazz classes offered at Adelphi University, I realized how much I missed it and applied for the Joffrey Summer Jazz and Contemporary program. To become a well rounded dancer, I studied Ballet, Pointe, various forms of Modern, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop. Deep down, my passion is Ballet but my soul has a Jazz lining. I attended the full program, commuting from Long Island daily. I looked forward to the challenges and diverse experiences this program successfully provided. I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Prescott, Sue Samuels and Joyce King on their pieces for the finale performance. Studying various forms of dance was my goal and an added bonus was that it was all under one roof with a wealth of hand-picked talent packed into a three week schedule! Just incredible! I have attended intensive programs for years and never experienced that level of training in so many different areas nor the exposure to so many “working” professionals…another goal of mine! In three weeks, it has helped me attain my short term goals, filled my passion with professional, career loving individuals who encouraged and inspired me to be better than my best each day. This was, by far, an excellent choice for summer studies and I hope to have the opportunity to return next summer, hopefully on scholarship.

    Alyssa Pitaluga – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0022_Ana VasanDance is the best form of expression. When I move across a floor, I can communicate in my eyes and in my body what I feel in my soul. Dance has no set alphabet to define and limit the ways in which we may express. Any movement can be executed in a way that allows the audience and the dancer to enter into the same community of thought, to breach the barrier that exists between two entities and, even just for the duration of the piece, to be connected as one. This summer, I hope to further my expressive abilities by being a part of the Joffrey Ballet School NYC Intensive.The world renowned and awe-inspiring faculty, the metropolitan location, and the philosophy of excellence unique to Joffrey all provide endless opportunities for growth and amazing outlets for passion that any aspiring dancer would be grateful to have. Dancers who train at the Joffrey Ballet School turn out to be well-rounded artists whose technique and spirit make them captivating performers that are easily employed. To me, dance is a necessity, an essential, a way of life, and I cannot wait to see where my training at the Joffrey Ballet School, the world premiere dance school in the USA, will take my dancing career.

    Ana Vasan – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0021_Anijah LezamaJoffrey Ballet School is a prominent and world-renowned dance school because it gives students the privilege to learn from the best teachers and coaches. The school makes dancers confident, push their limits and strive to become great. Joffrey Ballet School also illustrates the image of professionalism when it comes to the dancers appearance and attire. Dancing to me is like a story. A story shown through movements, which allows the audience to feel an emotion based on that story. I dance because I want to tell the audience my story and show them why I dance. When I am illustrating that story to the audience it makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to and be able to convey originality threw this story. I hope the audience will understand the story/message that is being told through the dance so they may feel connected in some way to either laugh, cry or leave feeling touched by a piece that I performed. 

    Anijah Lezama – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0020_Brittany MaplesI don't think anyone should be told that they can't do what they love. Dance is what I love and although sometimes it's hard to balance everything, it's always worth it when I step on that stage. The feeling I get makes all the work and time management worth it. Dance makes me happier than I have ever been. It brought me confidence in myself and made me the person I am today. For that I will always be grateful, I don't know where I'd be without dance. It's a part of me now and I wouldn't wish for anything better. I would be honored to attend a summer intensive or any class at the Joffrey Ballet School. This school produces stars, talent. I know I would benefit greatly from this, and the experience would be unforgettable.

    The Joffrey Ballet School is a beautiful school with amazing teachers. To go would be a life changing experience. Everyday I strive to be a better dancer, and I know if I received this scholarship it would change me forever. What makes this school different from all the others is the passion. I see the passion this school has for dance, and I see the impact it makes on the dancers that attend. I want to have that impact on me. It's always been a dream of mine to attend Joffrey, but I never knew exactly how I would get there. I hope that this is my chance.

    Brittany Maples – New Student
  • no_img_facultyMartha Graham once said "Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion". This phrase is the one which have guided me all around my dancing career, because I know that I was not born with natural conditions to be a dancer, but with hard work and love, these have never stopped me to achieve my goals. Passion is the mainly ingredient in the life of a dancer, It is what makes the difference between a professional and an amateur. Without passion, the artist will never reach his or her best potential. Without passion there is no expression and without expression, dancing stops being an art, but a sport. The Joffrey Ballet School is the world premiere dance school in the USA because it teaches students not only the technique, but the passion for dance.

    Camila Mazzini – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0019_Celeste LibertMy two weeks at JBS Summer Intensive 2013 were the best two weeks I’ve ever spent dancing and the highlight of my summer. During those two weeks I grew a lot as a dancer physically, mentally and emotionally. From being told you dance beautifully from Ashani Mfuko, to Fred C.L. Mann III calling you a diva, words can’t express how honored I was and still am to have been taught by such talented people. To me, Joffrey Ballet School is the world premiere dance school in the USA because of the wide range of dance styles they offer, the caring, talented and inspirational teachers guiding us along the way, the staff members, especially the directors and every pep-talk our teachers had with us before, during or after classes. We were told its okay to make mistakes and never give up as it’s the only way we’ll be closer to perfection. Thank you for an amazing experience this summer and I hope to have another fantastic Joffrey Experience in 2014.

    Celeste Libert –  Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0018_Ciani CrosbyTo me dancing is a part of my soul, it is who I am, dance is how I live my life, dance has taught me many things in life such as telling a story through my body and my movement, dance has taught me how to be inspired, how to inspire others, and dance has taught me how to have goals as well as work hard to reach those goals. I aspire to obtain my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in dance, and continue my journey teaching dance to young aspiring dancers, and to one day open a dance studio of my own. Receiving this scholarship, and being given the opportunity to advance my training and skills as a dancer through your unique program would be a dream for me! The Joffrey School of Ballet has produced and inspired the artist in many dancers, I would like to be known as one of those lucky enough to receive this level of training.

    Ciani Crosby – New Student 
  • essaywinners-_0017_Colleen McHughMy experience at the Joffrey summer intensive was an experience that I will never forget. It was my favorite part of summer this past year. I grew as a person and a dancer. I learned new styles of dance like Horton, wacking, and popping. I expanded my dance vocabulary by being able to take classes like improv, which I had done before in a class setting. I learned new styles of Broadway like fosse. I learned how to pop and lock in hip-hop. I learned all about the placement of each muscle and ligament in our bodies and how they are all connected. I was taught how to take care and prevent injuries. Each class had something beneficial in it. It might be that I learned a new style, or learned about body placement or that I became more confident as a dancer. I learned so much at the two week intensive that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

    Colleen McHugh – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0016_Dylan BalkaAs a male dancer, I want to not just scathe by for being a male, but dance equally as talented as the hundreds of girls that compare to one of me. I won’t ever give up, even after I’ve achieved everything I could have possibly wanted. To have the privilege to dance at the Joffrey Ballet School summer program would be an opportunity not to miss, as the name in itself carries a worldwide reputation of excellence. With the desire to become a professional dancer, it is only logical that Joffrey would be a great choice, seeing that the school turns out amazing, successful dancers. It is the premiere dance school, as the faculty, the dancers, and the trainees all set high standards for the rest of the dance community. It will be an honor to dance under the Joffrey Ballet School curriculum.

    Dylan Balka – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0015_Elena AnamosThere are few moments in life that I will remember and cherish forever. One of those moments was standing on stage as the music slowly ended and the lights faded, at the end of the last dance. Everything was dead silent and dark, except for our gasps that created a steady beat together. Tears gathered in our eyes, blurring our vision of the audience in front of us, and sweat rolled down our foreheads. In those few seconds between the end of the piece and the start of the applause, we could tell from the audience’s energy that our dancing had moved them. And when the curtain finally closed all we could do was hug each other tightly and scream and cry and smile. I will never forget those moments at the end of Mia Michael's Joffrey West piece. Joffrey was one of the best experiences of my life. I was astounded by the variety of dance styles and choreography taught at Joffrey. I entered the program assuming that—as a contemporary dancer—I would be familiar with all the modern and jazz styles I encountered. Instead, I discovered that each teacher and choreographer had their own incredible, unique, and inspiring style, making my experience even richer.. You are expected to perform to the best of your ability in every class. In rehearsals, the choreographers expected a level of technique and commitment that is expected from professional company dancers

    Elena Anamos – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0014_Emily O'RourkeThe San Francisco Joffrey Summer Intensive was the most amazing experience I have had as a dancer. I have attended many dance workshops and intensives but without a doubt the Contemporary Ballet Intensive held in San Francisco was by far the best I have every been a part of. Everyday was filled new and exciting dance explorations. I looked forward to each and every class. Each faculty member bought their own flavor and unique teaching methods to share with the students. The classes were filled with more then learning to move your body with precision and correct technique. I was being taught to feel the movement not just with my body but with my heart and soul and to see the movements in my mind’s eye. I was being taught to dance with fullness and richness to my movements. It was so inspiring that when the day of classes would end I would go back to my room and go over what I had learned earlier that day.

    Emily O'Rourke – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0013_Haddon MartinThe name “Joffrey” is synonymous with “Dance Excellence” and the opportunity made me determined to audition. As soon as I found out that Joffrey Ballet School was holding auditions somewhere relatively close to my home town, I was thrilled and excited. I was accepted into the Joffrey West Program in Los Angeles, California. Four weeks at Joffrey West was the most demanding, invigorating, positive experience in my six years of dance. Not only did I meet some of the most talented choreographers in the dance community, but I also forged lasting friendships with my fellow students. I expected to learn and grow from the instruction, but an added bonus was what I learned from the other students. I am a more confident dancer. I know my strengths and my areas for improvement. I told my parents, “I WANT TO DANCE!” when I came home from Joffrey West. I don’t want to go to college and dance for a scholarship. I want to be professionally trained to be a professional dancer. Thank you Joffrey Ballet School for making my decision easy and clear.

    Haddon Martin – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0012_Jermaine TurnbowWhile attending The Joffrey Ballet School Jazz & Contemporary program this summer, I had the opportunity to grow not only as a dancer but as a performer and person. It was an honor to have been able to take class from world renowned dance teachers and choreographers. The Joffrey Ballet school did a great job in diversifying the program and providing the dancers with a great variety of styles within the classes. Being pushed everyday to live up to the expectations that comes along with being a Joffrey student, provided me with a sense of determination and drive that I had never experienced before. The Joffrey Ballet School is indeed the best there is. I had a great experience unlike any other summer intensive that I have been present for. The environment and the other dancers are all wonderful. It would be a wonderful thing in my life, if I were able to be part of the Joffrey family again. To be part of this family means to be part of the greatest legacy that will ever be left.

    Jermaine Turnbow – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0011_Jessica KennedyIf I could sum up my summer at the Joffrey Ballet School in one word it would have to be: unforgettable. Just two short weeks of the intensive helped me realize my true passion for dance. With all of the amazing instructors, choreographers, staff, and dancers around me, I know that I improved not only as a dancer, but as a person. This experience put me one step closer to achieving my dance goals. For more than 50 years, Joffrey Ballet School has maintained its title as the forefront of American Dance Training. Many dancers have graduated from Joffrey Ballet School and gone on to work in the professional dance industry. The level of training provided by the staff at Joffrey Ballet School is absolutely incredible. The amount of quality and effort that goes into creating a great dance environment goes to show how amazing Joffrey Ballet School really is.

    Jessica Kennedy – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0010_Kaitlin StaceyI thrive to become the best dancer I can possibly be and I know the Joffrey Ballet School can get me there. When someone brings up Joffrey Ballet School I think of the best of the best.  You train in everything from hip-hop and jazz to classical ballet and contemporary. Joffrey produces the best, most well rounded dancers out there, making these students unstoppable in the dance world. Along with these students' talents come a brilliant education in keeping their bodies in the best shape they can be in. I have had some amazing opportunities to be taught by some of Joffrey Ballet School's instructors and graduates. Attila Mosolygo studied at the Joffrey Ballet School when he was a kid, and now is one of my teachers at Grand Rapids Ballet. Attila is a great inspiration to me. Not only have I met Attila, but I have met Brian McSween. Brian has came back to Grand Rapids to choreograph Movements In Full on our junior company, and I am so glad he did. In the week he has been here I have never worked so hard. Brian has treated us like professionals, pushing every limit we had making us better dancers than we were before. These are the kinds of teachers I want to work with. The ones that will make me a better dancer and continually push me to accomplish my dreams.

    Kaitlyn Stacey – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0009_Katie JohnsonPassion is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. However, my passion for dance is more than that. My passion isn’t an amorous disposition or an intense desire, but more than words can describe. My passion for dance fills me with this evangelical zeal, convincing me that the shattered world will never be put back together unless all human beings experience too. It pushes me to try harder every day and put forth my best effort. Dance is what I choose to immerse my life in. It is what I choose to devote my precious time into. My passion for dance burns brighter than the sun could ever do. The Joffrey Ballet School is the world premiere dance school in the USA. Its top notch staff and wonderful reputation is one of the many contributing factors. However, the main reason it is one of the leading facilities is that the teachers share their passion for dance as much as the students. The staff immerse their life in helping the students achieve goals and train intensely. Joffrey Ballet School has incorporated fundamentals and best practices from styles to create the American style of dance training that is Joffrey.

    Katie Johnson – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0008_Kristina SnyderThis summer I attended the Joffrey Ballet NYC Performance Track Intensive and there is no other place I would have rather spent my time. I improved, learned, grew, and discovered my individuality in my dancing with the help of many amazing instructors. The talent and knowledge they offered to share with each student is unique and very valuable. The great amount of time spent at the studio and doing activities with new people allowed good friendships to form. Joffrey Ballet School is diverse in many different cultures and it is very interesting to meet and talk with dancers from other countries. It reminds me that no matter the language barrier, dance is something that people can use to connect around the world. The overall environment is exciting and motivating. Joffrey Ballet School also has a lot to offer to new students such as a healthy environment, a positive atmosphere, opportunities to work with well known choreographers and preform classic, as well as original choreography.

    Kristina Synder – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0007_Liberty Saccaro"Strength and skill are built through repetition", "Give every excerice and movement 100% of your focus and energy at all times." Joffrey Ballet School teaches you everything you need to know to get into shape the natural way.

    They sculpt your body and teach appreciation of the art of dance. They give you many opportunities as a dancer. Joffrey Ballet School also teaches a well rounded curriculum on both classical ballet and contemporary ballet. I love dance with a burning passion. Dance is my life and I hope to pursue it as a profession.

    Liberty Saccaro – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0006_Mackenzie MessickExperience In the summer of 2012, I attended the inaugural season of the Joffrey West Summer Program. I had always wanted to participate in a Joffrey intensive, and this new program really caught my eye. I am a jazz/contemporary dancer at heart, and the renowned faculty including Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, and Dante 7 made it a perfect opportunity! Although these famous teachers made a huge impact, it was actually two of the other instructors who influenced me the most. Working closely with Denise Biggi, the director of Cirque Du Solei Iris, and her assistant, Claude Caron, was an exciting and rewarding experience. Not only was their class challenging and insightful, but they also managed to create a safe environment that was open to individual creativity and inspiration. I was overjoyed and honored to be a part of their ballet piece in the showcase at the conclusion of the program. I found the entire Joffrey West intensive to be incredibly motivating and life-changing. It elevated my love of dance to a whole new level and sparked new thoughts and dreams for my future. Because it continually sets the bar in the community of dance through its tradition and innovation, Joffrey Ballet School is and will remain both progressive and inspiring. Not only does Joffrey pursue rigorous training in order to forge technically beautiful dancers, its instructors truly care about the hearts and minds of the dancers. I find this aspect to be the best part of the organization because, ultimately, it is a balanced combination of attributes that pushes Joffrey to the top again and again. Joffrey - Go big or go home!

    Mackenzie Messick – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0005_Madalaine MackinnonI feel that Joffrey Ballet School is the best opportunity for a girl like me, because it gives me the best chance to further myself from where I am. Starting at age 10 I'm not as far as the other girls my age, though it doesn't stop me from working as hard as I can.

    The experience to dance at Joffrey Ballet School is the dream of a lifetime, after looking at many different ballet schools I've found that Joffrey Ballet School is by far the best. Joffrey Ballet School holds the best future opportunities for every young dancer, and I'm hoping to have the chance to go one day

    Madalaine Mackinnon – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0004_Monica ManfredoniaThe Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensive was a wonderful experience that helped me grow as an artist and an individual. Throughout the course of the summer, I consistently found myself being challenged in new and exciting ways. I was pushed to new levels that helped both my technique and artistry improve tremendously. In an environment in which I am surrounded by the most qualified teachers and dedicated students,it is hard to not constantly feel inspired. By the end of the program I broke down boundaries I never thought possible that took my dancing to a whole new level. It is a no brainer why the Joffrey Ballet School is the premier dance school. I would be honored to return this up coming summer. Each and every teacher, choreographer and student is there to reach towards a common goal. We all want to improve our dancing technique and be the best artist we can be. Each teacher goes above and beyond to make sure that every student gets the individualized attention they need to get the most out of their summer. They make sure to pass on an abundance of valuable information while making each students classroom experience a positive one. The summer program is the perfect balance of professionalism and fun. The opportunity to be lucky enough to spend my summer surrounded by such wonderful people in such a magical place would be a honor. I am ready to push myself to next level and I know that the Joffrey Ballet School is the place the make that happen.

    Monica Manfredonia – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0003_Natalia DuranWhen I dance, I’m given opportunities to share my creativity with others. It allows me to be an artist of movement. It’s a natural ability that I continue to train on by working with various artists. Dancing has also taught me discipline in other activities and areas of my life including school. I enjoy working with talented artists as I look up to them and work hard to strive to excel as they have in the art. Joffrey Ballet School is the premier dance school because it strengthens the dancer’s technique while still encouraging the individual dance spirit. Joffrey Ballet School has trained many students to move on to professional dance companies and other dance opportunities. My goal is to be one of these students that can acknowledge my training is from the Joffrey School of Ballet.

    Natalia Duran – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0002_Rebecca PaulisDance is the reason I have become disciplined and dedicated in everything I do. What would life be like without moving my feet and body rhythmically to the sounds of music? Being a dancer has affected my life greatly; performing on a stage with the lights beaming down on you and a packed audience just inspires you to be a better dancer. Dance is not a sport but it is also more than just an art because although it creates something beautiful, it also can create a healthy lifestyle among dancers. It also produces strong and disciplined people who are passionate to their chosen lifestyle. Music is the basis for dance and it provides a background for creating a piece that expresses emotion and technique. An experienced dancer should have strong technique and technique comes with dedication and hard work. Also, it is important to be able to express emotions through movement. This idea of doing two things at once requires discipline and constant improvement. 

    Rebecca Paulis – New Student
  • essaywinners-_0001_Ronald WagstaffI spent seven weeks in New York City at the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensive 2013 and it was the best experience of my life! This was the first summer dance intensive that I have attended and was also my first time away from home, traveling from Texas to New York by myself and living with a roommate. One of the things I loved about Joffrey's program is the variety of classes: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Pas De Deux, Contemporary, Variations, Pointe, Character, and Acting along with Dance History and Nutrition classes.

    In Dance History, we learned about the history of Joffrey Ballet School, founded by Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino in addition to other important dancers and choreographers like George Balanchine, Michel Fokine, Agnes DeMille, and William Forsythe which happen to be the names of our class groups. There were inspiring Interview/Q&A sessions with famous dancers and choreographers like Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden from Complexions Ballet. The instructors are awesome; they really push you to get better and improve which was exactly what I needed. As a male dancer, it was great to hang out with and meet other male dancers that helped each other out in class. I've made lifetime friendships this summer with other dancers and I hope to see them in my professional life.

    The summer ended with an awesome performance with my fellow dancers that my family came to see and I was really happy to hear how much I had grown as a dancer. Since returning home, my parents have said that I am more focused, responsible, and taking school and dance more seriously. Joffrey Ballet School offers you a summer dance experience like no other!

    Ronald Wagstaff – Returning Student
  • essaywinners-_0000_Salma TranIt’s hard to explain the excitement I feel when I walk into the studio. I never get bored of dance because I want to always improve – even with the simplest steps or technique. I love performing and dancing for an audience; the feeling I get when they applaud for me is amazing. I started ballet training when I was 6 years old and joined a competitive group two years later. Since then, I have been training intensively in many different styles: ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, lyrical, and hip hop. My hopes are to one day be able to train at a world renowned dance school so that I may have a chance to realize my dreams of becoming a professional dancer

    Salma Tran – New Student



Week 1 – January 11 and 12, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Michael De La Nuez - Ballet Scholarship

Ferris Schley - Ballet Scholarship

Haddon Martin - Ballet Scholarship

Garrett Leonard - Ballet Scholarship

Cole Mcmechen - Ballet Scholarship

Cody Maggiore - Ballet Scholarship

Mary Moore - Ballet Scholarship

Ethan Kimbrell - Ballet Scholarship

Kendra Shorter - Ballet Scholarship

Quinn Fieldstone - Ballet Scholarship

Hailey Schaus - Ballet Scholarship

Emma Heuertz - Ballet Scholarship

Leia Rivera - Ballet Scholarship

Ricardo Hartley - Jazz Scholarship

Jetta Kaimachiande - Jazz Scholarship

Sarah Anthony - Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Amelie De La Nuez - Ballet Scholarship

Isla Gosbee - Ballet Scholarship

Ryan Mikel - Ballet Scholarship

Brielle Mitchell - Ballet Scholarship

Kestrel Kiegel - Ballet Scholarship

Kauri Wilson - Ballet Scholarship

Jaime Johnson - Ballet Scholarship

Gabrielle Gregg - Ballet Scholarship

Danelle Tucker - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Pineda - Jazz Scholarship

Caroline Nunnelee - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Macy Dunne - 50% Ballet Scholarship & 25% Jazz Scholarship

Julian Cottrell - Ballet Scholarship

Llyr Falen - Ballet Scholarship

Joshua Nunamaker - Ballet Scholarship

Sophia Vance - Ballet Scholarship

Sierra Cummings - Ballet Scholarship

Lucy Stewart - Ballet Scholarship

Annika Hsi - Ballet Scholarship

Gabriele Brown - Ballet Scholarship

Chloe Lindahl - Ballet Scholarship

Grace Lemieux - Ballet Scholarship

Mariana Demarco - Ballet Scholarship

Jordan Schiebelbein - Ballet Scholarship

Ruth Bieber-Stanley - Ballet Scholarship

Will Byram - Ballet Scholarship

Jessilyn Ray - Ballet Scholarship

Delaney Allison - Ballet Scholarship

Gabriella Pettigrew - Ballet Scholarship

Rachael Harper - Ballet Scholarship

Skyler Shah - Jazz Scholarship

Rose Dowling - Jazz Scholarship

Johnathan Kelly - Jazz Scholarship

Grace Ludwinski - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Jorja Spratt - Ballet Scholarship

Samara Spratt - Ballet Scholarship

Gillian Weitzner - Ballet Scholarship

Sarah Norris - Ballet Scholarship

Gillian Hawkes - Ballet Scholarship

Sydney Haglund - Ballet Scholarship

Elizabeth Durnie - Ballet Scholarship

Corinne White - Ballet Scholarship

Enya Kollek - Ballet Scholarship

Emma Green - Ballet Scholarship

Gabrielle Bradford - Jazz Scholarship

Jordyn Waynewood - Jazz Scholarship

Emma King - Jazz Scholarship

Hannah Haggenmacher - Jazz Scholarship

Sydney Lentz - Jazz Scholarship

Grace Cole - Jazz Scholarship

Julieanna Davis - Jazz Scholarship

Allison Meador - Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Barbaresi - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Macy Dunne

Gabriella Pettigrew

Jaime Johnson

Quinn Fieldstone

Hailey Schaus

Emma Green

Delaney Allison

Kendra Shorter

Rachael Harper

Gabrielle Gregg

Danelle Tucker

Emma Heuertz

Leia Rivera

Carling Hanson

Alberto Morales Pérez


Cole Mcmechen

Grace Ludwinski

Avery Cleavinger

Madison Pineda

Briana Abbott

Sarah Anthony

Caytlin Tuchschmidt

Lauryn Greig

Advanced Level




Cole Mcmechen

Grace Ludwinski

Garrett Leonard

Emma Becker

Ema Lee Moseley

Gillian Hawkes

Sydney Haglund

Elizabeth Durnie

Corinne White

Enya Kollek

Jessilyn Ray

Brielle Mitchell

Kestrel Kiegel

Kauri Wilson

Cody Maggiore

Mary Moore

Ethan Kimbrell

Emily Alexis

Lise Rutherford

Maja Stolt

Aja Belcher-Velez

Kate Buchanan

Lorenza Friedrich

Mckenzie Dirr

Stephanie Hayden

Paulina Serrano

Valeria Valls Chavez

Rawinan Asawakanjanakit


Garrett Leonard

Emma Becker

Ema Lee Moseley

Madison Davis

Erica Clark

Olivia Brookes

Raianna Brown

Lucy Stewart

Hannah Haggenmacher

Sydney Lentz

Rose Dowling

Johnathan Kelly

Aidan Wolf

Aliya Janov

Elissa Lindberg

Grace Matlock

Taylor Blakeley

Angelina Haynes

Kendall Napier

Brianna Price

Madison Severn

Sarah Norris

Grace Lemieux

Mariana Demarco

Sheridan Guerin

Laura Garrett

Emily Randon

Allison Meador

Alexis Barbaresi

Caroline Nunnelee

Ricardo Hartley

Jetta Kaimachiande

Reagan Vasquez

Julia Vazquez

Jailen Edwards

Emily Brown

Gabrielle Dinizo

Rebecca Neish

Sarah Denhard

Parker Grant

Anjali Kanter

Haley Smith

Richie Kirschner

Sarah O'kelley

Kosette Zablocki

Marley Freygang

Taylor Leiker

Tess Victoria

Ayana Dubose

Scotti Stoneburner

Matthew Blum

Karen Araujo

Valeria Mauloni

Bonnie Bushnell

Elettra Losio

Chelsea Slender



Week 2 – January 17 and 19, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Yuyu Ichikawa - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Eric Lehn - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Spencer Grossman - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Josh Wilson - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Youka Hirayama - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Noah Parets - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Naoyuki Atsumi - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship + Full Ballet Housing

Ricardo Urbina - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship + Full Ballet Housing

Nicole Ishimaru - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Bona Lee - Ballet Scholarship

Zoe Liebold - Ballet Scholarship

Jonathan Leonard - Ballet Scholarship

Adam Katz - Ballet Scholarship

Abby Grossen - Ballet Scholarship

Edvin Palmeros - Ballet Scholarship + Full Ballet Housing

Anivedlab Rueda - Ballet Scholarship

Ana Jimenez Hernandez - Ballet Scholarship

Giannella Ysasi - Ballet Scholarship

Diana Garcia Martinez - Ballet Scholarship

Mendez Castillo Valeria - Ballet Scholarship

Maya Morales Herrera - Ballet Scholarship

Paula Botello - Ballet Scholarship

Io Castellanos - Ballet Scholarship

Kesia Herrera Vazquez - Ballet Scholarship

Alexis Fernandez - Ballet Scholarship

Alejandro Mendoza Rodriguez - Ballet Scholarship

Ernesto Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Daniel Gomez Munoz - Ballet Scholarship

Jorge Rosales Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Alan Lara - Ballet Scholarship

Jules Mabie - Ballet Scholarship

Kameren Whigham - Ballet Scholarship

Tatiana Nunez - Ballet Scholarship

Emilie Kaiser - Ballet Scholarship

Alexander Campbell - Ballet Scholarship

Kaede Nakatsuka - Ballet Scholarship

Rino Sanda - Ballet Scholarship

Kyoko Ishihara - Ballet Scholarship

Rio Sato - Ballet Scholarship 

Natsume Kimura - Ballet Scholarship

Nozomu Mortimer - Ballet Scholarship & Full Ballet Housing

Manami Kuwahara - Ballet Scholarship

Mikako Yoshikawa - Ballet Scholarship

Hikari Seki - Ballet Scholarship

Rimi Nakano - Ballet Scholarship

Mimi Kunisawa - Ballet Scholarship

Mona Kaneko - Ballet Scholarship

Yuuki Kadokura - Ballet Scholarship

Saki Fuziyoshi - Ballet Scholarship

Keito Tanaka - Ballet Scholarship

Yuka Tatsumi - Ballet Scholarship

Yuki Yamada - Ballet Scholarship + Full Ballet Housing

Tessa Des Roche - Ballet Scholarship

Jessica Kennedy - Ballet Scholarship

Mark Ibanez - Ballet Scholarship

Charlie Grisham - Ballet Scholarship

Emma Sherman - Ballet Scholarship

Olivia Harrigan - Ballet Scholarship

Savea Kagan - Ballet Scholarship

Sophia Ortega - Ballet Scholarship

Robert Jimenez - Ballet Scholarship

Joshua Binowitz - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Guadalupe Mojica Castillo - Ballet Scholarship

Jose Angel Vazaiono Cortes - Ballet Scholarship

Tanatich Mendez Topete - Ballet Scholarship

Mckinley Willis - Jazz Scholarship

Gary Marshall Jr - Jazz Scholarship

Henry Trinh - Jazz Scholarship

Nakisisa Webb - Jazz Scholarship

Maya Addie - Jazz Scholarship

Aaron Frisby - Jazz Scholarship

Saul Garcia - Jazz Scholarship

Willie Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Daury Ratcliffe - Jazz Scholarship

Demetrious Reed - Jazz Scholarship

Emily Riedel - Jazz Scholarship

Matthew Losco - Jazz Scholarship

Andres Cruz - Jazz Scholarship

Juan Posada - Jazz Scholarship

Parker Garrison - Jazz Scholarship + 50% Ballet Scholarship

Rocky Kamen-Rubio - Jazz Scholarship + 50% Ballet Scholarship

Delaney Washington - Jazz Scholarship + 50% Ballet Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Emily Caplan - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Samuel Dergregorian - Ballet Scholarship

Saki Akio - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Daniela Bracho - Ballet Scholarship

Sarah Nava - Ballet Scholarship

Luisa Fernandez - Ballet Scholarship

Yashvin Ruiz Fernandez - Ballet Scholarship

Hector Landa - Ballet Scholarship

Brandon Lama Marroquin - Ballet Scholarship

Angel Weck - Ballet Scholarship

Etzalli Garcia Canete - Ballet Scholarship

Jorge Sanders Bustos - Ballet Scholarship

Nicolay Dorsett - Ballet Scholarship

Chelsea Perillo-Ammar - Ballet Scholarship

Jada Danclair - Ballet Scholarship

Ayako Fujiki - Ballet Scholarship

Karen Sakaida - Ballet Scholarship

Yoka Hirayama - Ballet Scholarship

Choring Cho - Ballet Scholarship

Shaza Bailey - Ballet Scholarship

Raquel Souza - Ballet Scholarship

Gabriela Smith - Ballet Scholarship

Anika Jensen - Ballet Scholarship

Kathleen De Nicola - Ballet Scholarship

Jonah Tanguay-Colucci - Ballet Scholarship

Kennedy Cannon - Jazz Scholarship

Yui Okuba - Jazz Scholarship

Hana Saito - Jazz Scholarship

Angelina Barbosa - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Maiko Okamura - Ballet Scholarship  

Salma Kiuhan - 50% Ballet and 50% Jazz Scholarship 

Leila Bershad - 50% Ballet and 50% Jazz Scholarship 

Nami Yamakawa - Ballet Scholarship + 75% Jazz Scholarship

Sophia Frilot - Ballet Scholarship + 75% Jazz Scholarship

Parker Garrison - Ballet Scholarship + Full Jazz Scholarship

Rocky Kamen-Rubio - Ballet Scholarship + Full Jazz Scholarship

Delaney Washington - Ballet Scholarship + Full Jazz Scholarship

Gabrielle Gialenios - Ballet Scholarship

Cristian Chavez - Ballet Scholarship

Melisa Canseco Minguer - Ballet Scholarship

Aida Escalante - Ballet Scholarship

Rebeca Portillo Flores - Ballet Scholarship

Jonathan Arias Rosales - Ballet Scholarship

Ulises Velasco Sanchez - Ballet Scholarship

Erik Ramirez Cebellos - Ballet Scholarship

Bernardo Barcenas - Ballet Scholarship

Jair Lara - Ballet Scholarship

Josue' Cortina Cardena - Ballet Scholarship

Guillermo Razo Perez - Ballet Scholarship

Humberto Rosas Maciel - Ballet Scholarship 

Jorge Iuit - Ballet Scholarship

Jonathan Portillo Saenz - Ballet Scholarship

Contreras Aldo - Ballet Scholarship

Sergio Najera Aguilar - Ballet Scholarship

Javier Leal Castillo - Ballet Scholarship

Bryan Mendez Martinez - Ballet Scholarship

Diego Reyes Zabiate - Ballet Scholarship

Trujillo Norberto - Ballet Scholarship

Miguel Rivas - Ballet Scholarship

Israel Escobedo - Ballet Scholarship

Jorge Aguilar - Ballet Scholarship

Leonardo Carmona Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Luis Ceron Ramirez - Ballet Scholarship

Luis Mata Aguilera - Ballet Scholarship

Marco Cervantes - Ballet Scholarship

Marcos Barreiro Covarrubias - Ballet Scholarship

Miguel Hernandez Bravo - Ballet Scholarship

Omar Rodriguez Martinez - Ballet Scholarship

Mauricio Reyes - Ballet Scholarship

Uriel Mendoza Osorio - Ballet Scholarship

Cesar Benitez - Ballet Scholarship

Julio Moreno Carcino - Ballet Scholarship

Eduardo Vera Sanchez - Ballet Scholarship

Ricardo Vazquez Macias - Ballet Scholarship

Carlos Huerta Vazquez - Ballet Scholarship

Luis Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Leanna Basile - Ballet Scholarship

Jordyn White - Ballet Scholarship

Nicolas Ouporov - Ballet Scholarship

Isamar Camarena - Ballet Scholarship

Taiylor Smith - Ballet Scholarship

Davia Norris - Ballet Scholarship

Mya Bowden - Ballet Scholarship

Ashley Newsome - Ballet Scholarship

Isabella Cofresi - Ballet Scholarship

Kamila Almaguer - Ballet Scholarship

Margarita Armas - Ballet Scholarship

Sarah Sutterfield - Ballet Scholarship

Isabel Cuevas - Ballet Scholarship

Eliza Hernandez - Ballet Scholarship

Gabriela Hernandez - Ballet Scholarship

Alaycia Maness - Ballet Scholarship

Chantelle Albernas - Ballet Scholarship

Asari Hotta - Ballet Scholarship

Sayaka Harano - Ballet Scholarship

Miho Nakagawa - Ballet Scholarship

Saori Mizuguchi - Ballet Scholarship

Yuki Wakai - Ballet Scholarship

Sasha Reist - Ballet Scholarship

Jacquelyn Nese - Ballet Scholarship

Nicole Dickson - Ballet Scholarship

Lindsey Casale - Ballet Scholarship

Katharine Kingsley - Ballet Scholarship

Rebecca Browne - Ballet Scholarship

Joseph Cunningham - Ballet Scholarship

Lexi Cipriano - Ballet Scholarship

Ashley Cook - Ballet Scholarship

Darren Tack - Ballet Scholarship

Kylie Canales - Ballet Scholarship

Marina Yabuki-Dicorcia - Ballet Scholarship

Emma York - Ballet Scholarship

Kaprice Glen - Ballet Scholarship

Lian Stemler - Ballet Scholarship

Alysa Reinhardt - Ballet Scholarship

Victoria Ringer - Ballet Scholarship

Kendall Bottjer - Ballet Scholarship

L Aaron Williams - Ballet Scholarship

Ethan Rieder - Ballet Scholarship

Tomas Quiroz - Ballet Scholarship

Alina Parra Sobrevais - Ballet Scholarship

Daniela Sofia Valerio Torres - Ballet Scholarship

Jocelyn Camila Henaine Ramos - Ballet Scholarship 

Martha Ivanna Carrillo Vera - Ballet Scholarship

Katherine Kurata - Ballet Scholarship

Kieran Macdonald - Ballet Scholarship

Harley Holthusen - Jazz Scholarship

Nicole Quinn - Jazz Scholarship

Jessica Murray - Jazz Scholarship

Shiloh Savage - Jazz Scholarship

Mikalla Ashmore - Jazz Scholarship

Daisia Pulz - Jazz Scholarship

Olivia Capasso - Jazz Scholarship

Brenan Gonzalez - Jazz Scholarship

Emily Sutterfield - Jazz Scholarship

Lauren Moore - Jazz Scholarship

Jennifer Morganti - Jazz Scholarship

Kashina Jayseus - Jazz Scholarship

Alexander Thomas - Jazz Scholarship

Courtney Pirozzi - Jazz Scholarship

Amber Moreland - Jazz Scholarship

Lailah Duke - Jazz Scholarship

Alyseia Darby - Jazz Scholarship

Crislin Williams Womack - Jazz Scholarship

Rose Iannaccone - Jazz Scholarship

Hope Parker - Jazz Scholarship

Corina Lambraia - Jazz Scholarship

Kiara Petrucci - Jazz Scholarship

Mia Jaderlund - Jazz Scholarship

Melanie Olinsky - Jazz Scholarship

Julia Foti - Jazz Scholarship

Salma Tran - Jazz Scholarship

Chloe Enriquez - Jazz Scholarship


25% Tuition Winners

Jennifer Agather - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship 

Ryan Jaffe - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Sarah Roblow - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Amanda Adams - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Adelle Johnson - Ballet Scholarship + 75% Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Horrigan - Ballet Scholarship

Grace Smotrich - Ballet Scholarship

Eliza Jones - Ballet Scholarship

Allie Best - Ballet Scholarship

Grace Biddell - Ballet Scholarship

Ashley Burnett - Ballet Scholarship

Adriana Lara - Ballet Scholarship

Duce Valdez - Ballet Scholarship

Elsa Vazquez Alcantara - Ballet Scholarship

Mariana Torres Taboada - Ballet Scholarship

Fernanda Machuca - Ballet Scholarship

Mariana Marcos - Ballet Scholarship 

Luciana Naguel - Ballet Scholarship

Lara Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Tania De La Parra Luna - Ballet Scholarship

Ana Paula Espejel Sagaon - Ballet Scholarship

Axel Tenorio - Ballet Scholarship

Fernando De La Cuesta Oriard - Ballet Scholarship

Ian Bernal - Ballet Scholarship

Kassandra Blanco - Ballet Scholarship

Daria Samway - Ballet Scholarship 

Max Schreiber - Ballet Scholarship

Abigail Fonseca - Ballet Scholarship

Paola Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Samantha Corniel - Ballet Scholarship

Hitomi Nakatani - Ballet Scholarship

Shiho Funayama - Ballet Scholarship

Tamami Matsumura - Ballet Scholarship

Erika Abe - Ballet Scholarship

Manamo Osawa - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Mcgrath - Ballet Scholarship

Madeleine Salhany - Ballet Scholarship

Shannon Wallace - Ballet Scholarship

William Rivera - Ballet Scholarship

Eleonora Zeoli - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandra Browder - Ballet Scholarship

Courtney Casale - Ballet Scholarship

Anastaisa Faia - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandria Faia - Ballet Scholarship

Kristin Leechow - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandra Simkins - Ballet Scholarship

Jessie Dromsky-Reed - Ballet Scholarship

Juliet Milillo - Ballet Scholarship

Sienna Blaw - Ballet Scholarship

Amanda Sommers - Ballet Scholarship

Liana Cliff - Ballet Scholarship

Gianna Raimi - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Eagen - Ballet Scholarship

Catherine Faia - Ballet Scholarship

Jenny Ku - Ballet Scholarship

Alex Romine - Ballet Scholarship

Xenia Danylyszyn - Ballet Scholarship

Mira Spremich - Ballet Scholarship 

Julia Asher - Ballet Scholarship

Nicole Rivor - Ballet Scholarship

Taegan Mehrens - Ballet Scholarship 

Hannah Quini - Ballet Scholarship

Jenna Brooks - Ballet Scholarship

Monica Bowcott - Ballet Scholarship

Mallory Sweeney - Ballet Scholarship

Larissa White - Ballet Scholarship

Anna Meyer - Ballet Scholarship

Riley Parish - Ballet Scholarship

Lilah Lutz - Ballet Scholarship

Ashleigh Brandon - Ballet Scholarship

Sarah Roblow - Jazz Scholarship

Melanie Ostiguy - Jazz Scholarship

Sophia Michitson - Jazz Scholarship

Danie Kurzman - Jazz Scholarship

Mackenna Dombroski - Jazz Scholarship

Jillian Jacobson - Jazz Scholarship

Carli Batson - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Robinson - Jazz Scholarship

Michelle Ramsey - Jazz Scholarship

Anne Soche - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Squire - Jazz Scholarship

Kayla Reyburn - Jazz Scholarship

Kressina Benko - Jazz Scholarship

Nicholas Lamaina - Jazz Scholarship

Brittny Tesner - Jazz Scholarship

Julie Russel - Jazz Scholarship

Rine Sasaki - Jazz Scholarship

Miwa Miyadera - Jazz Scholarship

Kana Mori - Jazz Scholarship

Mayu Sakai - Jazz Scholarship

Eleanor O'neill - Jazz Scholarship

Victoria Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Kassie Gibbs - Jazz Scholarship

Dasol Kim - Jazz Scholarship

Gabi Lofland - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Bona Lee

Adriana Lara

Duce Valdez

Elsa Vazquez Alcantara

Mariana Torres Taboada

Fernanda Machuca

Mariana Marcos N

Luciana Naguel

Lara Garcia

Tania De La Parra Luna

Jonathan Arias Rosales

Ulises Velasco Sanchez

Yashvin Ruiz Fernandez

Hector Landa

Brandon Lama Marroquin

Edvin Palmeros

Anivedlab Rueda

Ana Jimenez Hernandez

Diana Garcia Martinez

Mendez Castillo Valeria

Maya Morales Herrera

Paula Botello

Alejandro Mendoza Rodriguez

Ernesto Garcia

Daniel Gomez Munoz

Jorge Rosales Garcia

Kaede Nakatsuka

Inami Kana

Sayaka Harano

Nozomu Mortimer

Manami Kuwahara

Saki Fuziyoshi

Keito Tanaka

Natsuki Sakae

Yuki Yamada

Noi Kokukegwa

Meimi Hasegawa

Eleonora Zeoli

Raquel Souza

Xenia Danylyszyn

Mira Spremich

Lexi Cipriano

Tessa Des Roche

Mark Ibanez

Nicole Rivor

L Aaron Williams

Robert Jimenez

Lilah Lutz

Maria Guadalupe Mojica Castillo

Ashleigh Brandon

Saori Mizuguchi

Yoka Hirayama

Youka Hirayama

Miwa Miyadera

Kana Mori

Mayu Sakai

Ayaka Saito

Aoi Sato

Kylie Canales

Marina Yabuki-Dicorcia

Emma Sherman

Naoyuki Atsumi

Josh Wilson

Ricardo Urbina


Jennifer Agather

Adelle Johnson

Rachel Squire

Amanda Adams

Nicole Ishimaru

Dasol Kim

Naoyuki Atsumi

Josh Wilson

Ricardo Urbina

Mckinley Willis

Gary Marshall Jr

Henry Trinh

Emily Caplan

Harley Holthusen

Maya Addie

Melanie Ostiguy

Nicole Quinn

Kayla Reyburn

Kressina Benko

Olivia Capasso

Brenan Gonzalez

Amber Moreland

Lailah Duke

Aaron Frisby

Julie Russel

GabI Lofland

Advanced Level




Anneliese Boczek

Jonathan Leonard

Gabrielle Gialenios

Analise Larkin

Savanna Burke

Haley Krall

Cristian Chavez

Melisa Canseco Minguer

Erik Ramirez Cebellos

Bernardo Barcenas

Jair Lara

Josue' Cortina Cardena

Guillermo Razo Perez

Humberto Rosas Maciel

Jorge Iuit

Jonathan Portillo Saenz

Contreras Aldo

Sergio Najera Aguilar

Angel Weck

Etzalli Garcia Canete

Jorge Sanders Bustos

Giannella Ysasi

Io Castellanos

Kesia Herrera Vazquez

Yelinka Sam Pedro Lopez

Adriana Uribe

Alejandra Pantoja Hernandez

Andrea Velarde Briceno

Aurora Estudillo Sortibran

Brenda Serna

Brenda Jimenez Jauregui

Edna Arcos Rojas

Brenda Monroy Ayala

Maryan Gomez Viloria

Maura Morfin De La Parra

Melissa Lara

Zettzin Vargas Pedraza

Aylin Ortiz Ortega

Penelope Huerta Vargas

Sonia Tinajero Pacheco

Daniela Garcia Limon

Martha Cortazar Tunon

Hitomi Nakatani

Rino Sanda

Rui Nakamura

Ayumi Kokubo

Mebae Niki

Yuko Ito

Natsumi Kobayashi

Miho Nakagawa

Saki Akio

Ayako Fujiki

Karen Sakaida

Yuyu Ichikawa

Mikako Yoshikawa

Hana Nishikawa

Yuka Fujiki

Miyu Watanabe

Karin Sugino

Kana Tomoda

Kayouko Maeba

Yuuki Kadokura

Ami Noguchi

Choring Cho

Karin  Miyamoto

Mei Nakamichi

Azusa Endo

Fuka Araki

Shannon Wallace

Alexandra Browder

Courtney Casale

Anastaisa Faia

Alexandria Faia

Kristin Leechow

Alexandra Simkins

Jessie Dromsky-Reed

Juliet Milillo

Sienna Blaw

Amanda Sommers

Jacquelyn Nese

Spencer Grossman

Charlie Grisham

Clara Stanford

Olive Lopez

Olivia Stroud

Teresa Garcia

Lauren Scampavia

Helena Dworak

Tamlyn Padilla-Grafilo

Sarah Roblow

Jenna Brooks

Monica Bowcott

Olivia Harrigan

Marissa Solano

Allyson Carrillo

Brooke Bell

Avery Lewis

Kaitlyn Schoen

Alina Parra Sobrevais

Daniela Sofia Valerio Torres

Jocelyn Camila Henaine Ramos

Martha Ivanna Carrillo Vera

Jose Angel Vazaiono Cortes

Tanatich Mendez Topete

Kieran Macdonald

Mai Tomigami

Maiko Okamura

Nami Yamakawa

Risako Honma

Eric Lehn

Kyra Sakamoto

Kathleen De Nicola

Melissa Polini

Jennifer Agather

Adelle Johnson

Rachel Squire

Amanda Adams

Nicole Ishimaru

Dasol Kim


Mary Boyle

Nakisisa Webb

Allyson Hadley

Eliana Shephard

Hudson Andrus

Noah Parets

Sophia Michitson

Danie Kurzman

Mackenna Dombroski

Jillian Jacobson

Jessica Murray

Shiloh Savage

Grace Stauffer

Carli Batson

Rachel Robinson

Michelle Ramsey

Anne Soche

Elizabeth Stone

Tatiana Nunez

Nicholas Lamaina

Emily Sutterfield

Lauren Moore

Jennifer Morganti

Kashina Jayseus

Alexander Thomas

Ivanna Forrester

Hannah Goodman

Hannah Smith

Rachel Lichtenstein

Brittny Tesner

Alyseia Darby

Crislin  Williams Womack

Saul Garcia

Willie Miller

Daury Ratcliffe

Amari Givens

Sanchel Brown

Emani Drake

Alexandria Hill

Jessica Potts

Jordan Willis

Michele Dooley

Rachel Klein

Taylar Green

Taylor Terry

Thomika Andrews

Gabriella Dorman

Grace Boyles

Emily Northway

Emma Hocking

Erin Kiessling

Madison Saul

Yui Okuba

Serina Akai

Eleanor O'neill

Rose Iannaccone

Hope Parker

Corina Lambraia

Kiara Petrucci

Mia Jaderlund

Melanie Olinsky

Emily Riedel

Delaney Washington

Kassie Gibbs

Salma Tran

Emily Mendoza

Alexis Iritani

Isabella Ashby

Calista Alan

Anika Ljung

Raine Blair

Ann Ang

Audrey Yan

Lauren Roberts

Lauren Gresens

Camille Madrigal

Riley Parish

Sophia Frilot

Emma York

Chloe Enriquez

Andres Cruz

Juan Posada

Olivia Mitchell

Kelsey Ash

Asia Bonilla

Marin Arai

Madison Knutson

Daphne Stokes

Kennedy Daniel

Rachel Lauf

Mai Tomigami

Maiko Okamura

Nami Yamakawa

Risako Honma

Eric Lehn

Kyra Sakamoto

Kathleen De Nicola

Melissa Polini

Saori Mizuguchi

Yoka Hirayama

Youka Hirayama

Miwa Miyadera

Kana Mori

Mayu Sakai

Ayaka Saito

Aoi Sato

Kylie Canales

Marina Yabuki-Dicorcia

Emma Sherman




Week 1 – January 24, 25 and 26, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Alan Libert - Ballet Scholarship + 75% Jazz Scholarship

Marcel Mejia - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Dante Norris - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Grant Towers - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Sofia Arenabia - Ballet Scholarship

Talen Fisher - Ballet Scholarship

Olivia Johnson - Ballet Scholarship

Dat Nguyen - Ballet Scholarship

Casy Vanden Berghe - Ballet Scholarship

April White - Ballet Scholarship

Chandra Blount - Jazz Scholarship

Kendall Cherry - Jazz Scholarship

Walter Filmore Iv - Jazz Scholarship

Kayah Franklin - Jazz Scholarship

Myles Hunter - Jazz Scholarship

Alexander Maradiaga - Jazz Scholarship

Alonzo Thompson - Jazz Scholarship

Marisa Turner - Jazz Scholarship

Ronald Wagstaff - Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Miranda Radcliff - Jazz Scholarship + 25% Ballet Scholarship

Matilda Mackey - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Berkley Moates - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Maria Ferraro - Ballet Scholarship

Amie Kinard - Ballet Scholarship

Scarlett Mcgraw - Ballet Scholarship

Gabrielle Ponthier - Ballet Scholarship

Victoria Semprlin - Ballet Scholarship

Sonny Shiu - Ballet Scholarship

Jessica Baker - Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Bomer - Jazz Scholarship

Kate Constantini - Jazz Scholarship

Lia Gagianas - Jazz Scholarship

Michaela Hoelldobler - Jazz Scholarship

Sarah Palocko - Jazz Scholarship

Miranda Schry - Jazz Scholarship

Erisa Sloan - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Luis Ceja - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Paul Piner - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Hunter Solomon - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Nalyanie Albarran - Ballet Scholarship

Claire Bechard - Ballet Scholarship

Maren Clemsen - Ballet Scholarship

Kelsey Corder - Ballet Scholarship

Ariel Correa - Ballet Scholarship

Claire Harris - Ballet Scholarship

Emma Heithoff - Ballet Scholarship

Aiden Moss - Ballet Scholarship

Victoria Pardo - Ballet Scholarship

Caroline Preskitt - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandra Roth - Ballet Scholarship

Morgan Smith - Ballet Scholarship

Ashley Van Veenendaal - Ballet Scholarship

Diayne Walton - Ballet Scholarship

Sofia Williams - Ballet Scholarship

Jacob Windeler - Ballet Scholarship

Sofia Acosta Fox - Jazz Scholarship

Cameron Angeleri - Jazz Scholarship

Emma Constantini - Jazz Scholarship

Jaz Gilbo - Jazz Scholarship

Shadden Hashem - Jazz Scholarship

Kacey Jacobs - Jazz Scholarship

Dominique Jenssen - Jazz Scholarship

Juliette Kessell - Jazz Scholarship

Jordan Laza - Jazz Scholarship

Carolina Macias - Jazz Scholarship

Scarlett Quinto - Jazz Scholarship

Nicholas Samreth - Jazz Scholarship

Ajhane Taylor - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Michelle Anduiza - Ballet Scholarship

Ellie Bauder - Ballet Scholarship

Kyra Blevins - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandra Caffrey - Ballet Scholarship

Sophia Clayton - Ballet Scholarship

Erica Cohen - Ballet Scholarship

Chloe Guilbaud - Ballet Scholarship

Laura Herman - Ballet Scholarship

Brigette Madden - Ballet Scholarship

Valerie Mcdonald - Ballet Scholarship

Kaylee Miller - Ballet Scholarship

Carley Moe - Ballet Scholarship

Paisley Rogers - Ballet Scholarship

Elena Anamos - Jazz Scholarship

Hailey Beasley - Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Blake - Jazz Scholarship

Sydney Diamond - Jazz Scholarship

Stephanie Godsave - Jazz Scholarship

Mykaela Johnson - Jazz Scholarship

Alison Kerner - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Lee - Jazz Scholarship

Katherine Mertel - Jazz Scholarship

Corinna Pohl - Jazz Scholarship

Grace Renner - Jazz Scholarship

Lily Rollins - Jazz Scholarship

Hailey Summers - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Sofia Arenabia

April White

Brigette Madden

Marcel Mejia


Stephanie Godsave

Hailey Summers

Ajhane Taylor

Elena Anamos

Kendall Cherry

Alison Kerner

Myles Hunter

Kacey Jacobs

Corinna Pohl

Jessica Baker

Michaela Hoelldobler

Sarah Palocko

Lia Gagianas

Miranda Schry

Alexis Bomer

Erisa Sloan

Dominique Jenssen

Chandra Blount

Lily Rollins

Ronald Wagstaff

Rachel Lee

Jordan Laza

Walter Filmore Iv

Alexis Blake

Mykaela Johnson

Kayah Franklin

Shadden Hashem

Berkley Moates

Advanced Level




Alexandra Roth

Shelby Fredrick

Laura Herman

Michelle Anduiza

Alexandra Caffrey

Talen Fisher

Erica Cohen

Claire Harris

Caroline Preskitt

Dat Nguyen

Berkley Moates

Dante Norris

Grant Towers

Maren Clemsen

Alan Libert


Marielle Standridge

Lindsay Hammerle

Danielle Dougherty

Ashley Galanti

Katherine Mertel

Emily O'rourke

Dayzjah Thomas

Carolina Macias

Scarlett Quinto

Marisa            Turner

Katie Oliver

Juliette Kessell

Alexander Maradiaga

Sofia Acosta Fox

Matilda Mackey

Shannon Hartle

Megan Wardyn

Nicole Soesbee

Sydney Diamond

Halle Rose

Lara Biddy

Jessica De La Garza

Katie Pearson

Alonzo Thompson

Taylor Hennings

Kristen Mcguffin

Wren Woods

Ashlyn Williams

Nicholas Samreth

Milan Hamilton

Mckenna Oldenburg

Gabriela Swan

Mackenzie Mcgregor

Lauren Head

Molly Mckinnon

Imani Butler

Addison Norman

Jaz Gilbo

Luis Ceja

Crystal Wang

Christina Madsen

Mikaela Morisato

Cameron Angeleri

Ashley Alin Garcia Gonzalez

Marcel Mejia

Dante Norris

Grant Towers

Maren Clemsen

Alan Libert



Week 4 – February 1st and 2nd, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Patrick Blain - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Ty Feldewerd - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Jordan Jones - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Michael Thurin - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

James Vessell - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Sonny Brocklebank - Ballet Scholarship

Kerondreial Foster - Ballet Scholarship

Jacob Hancock - Ballet Scholarship

George Brothers - Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Benjamin Blumenstein - Ballet Scholarship

Shauna Cook - Ballet Scholarship

Lydia Herman - Ballet Scholarship

Kenedy Kallas - Ballet Scholarship

Gary Marshall - Ballet Scholarship

Toni Martin - Ballet Scholarship

Kylee Petersen - Ballet Scholarship

Paul Wright - Ballet Scholarship

Sophie Allen - Jazz Scholarship

Hannah Campanelli - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Lauren Billings - Ballet Scholarship

Garrett Glatz - Ballet Scholarship

Jean-Paul Milano - Ballet Scholarship

Amanda Montanaro - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandra Taylor - Ballet Scholarship

Alexandria Wright - Ballet Scholarship

Shay Henderson - Jazz Scholarship

Destini Hendricks - Jazz Scholarship

Payton Laforet - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Sophia Ceccucci - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Sarah Eisenbaum - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Ru Ferguson - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Alexandra Policaro - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Casey Beetle - Ballet Scholarship

Sydney Boe - Ballet Scholarship

Madeline Boynton - Ballet Scholarship

Molly Burke - Ballet Scholarship

Chiara Buttelli - Ballet Scholarship

Lauren Callaghan - Ballet Scholarship

Ramsey Codding Miller - Ballet Scholarship

Kate Day - Ballet Scholarship 

Tillie Glatz - Ballet Scholarship

Ines Gonzalez - Ballet Scholarship

Zoe Gum - Ballet Scholarship

Isabella Hoffheins - Ballet Scholarship

Jessica Hogan - Ballet Scholarship

Caitlyn Hutcheson - Ballet Scholarship

Lauren Johnson - Ballet Scholarship

Brianna Kelley - Ballet Scholarship

Brad Kelley - Ballet Scholarship

Sophia Laabs - Ballet Scholarship

Annie Lee - Ballet Scholarship

Lilly Leech - Ballet Scholarship

Alyssa Maisel - Ballet Scholarship

Rylie Mchale - Ballet Scholarship

Erin Mcmahon - Ballet Scholarship

Megan Monti - Ballet Scholarship

Lauren Mueller - Ballet Scholarship

Lindsay Navarre - Ballet Scholarship

Malin Peterson - Ballet Scholarship

Morgan Phillips - Ballet Scholarship

Megan  Prout - Ballet Scholarship

Teagan Reese - Ballet Scholarship

Carly Ruggeri - Ballet Scholarship

Kaylin Shadle - Ballet Scholarship

Rachel Stahl - Ballet Scholarship

Paige Stark - Ballet Scholarship

Chloe Terlingen - Ballet Scholarship

Kaeli Ware - Ballet Scholarship

Rachel Young - Ballet Scholarship

Isabella Acitelli - Jazz Scholarship

Haley Bidwell - Jazz Scholarship

Esma Brown - Jazz Scholarship

Carina Burton - Jazz Scholarship

Ramsey Codding Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Laura Coleman - Jazz Scholarship

Cecile Comtois - Jazz Scholarship

Preston Cubbage - Jazz Scholarship

Courtney Dankert - Jazz Scholarship

Talia Hintermeister - Jazz Scholarship

Brooke Jones - Jazz Scholarship

Sydney Jones - Jazz Scholarship

Hayley Kraft - Jazz Scholarship

Isabella Little - Jazz Scholarship

Halle Lum - Jazz Scholarship

Tayler Mcguire - Jazz Scholarship

Olivia Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Isabel Newport - Jazz Scholarship

Marina Perez - Jazz Scholarship

Giavanni Powell - Jazz Scholarship

Lexie Rosckes - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Rouleau - Jazz Scholarship

Katrina Rusinko - Jazz Scholarship

Kennedy Stapley - Jazz Scholarship

Emma Strenger - Jazz Scholarship

Hallie Stueckrath - Jazz Scholarship

Megan Tews - Jazz Scholarship

Luisa Vilar - Jazz Scholarship

Hailey Walek - Jazz Scholarship

Michaela Wells - Jazz Scholarship

Annmarie White - Jazz Scholarship

Claire Willcutt - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Toni Martin

Alexandria Wright

Amanda Montanaro

Morgan Phillips

Lauren Mueller

Erin Mcmahon

Alicia Batista

Patrick Blain


James Vessell

Sophie Allen

Shay Henderson

Hannah Campanelli

Michaela Wells

Marina Perez

Alexandra Policaro

Courtney Dankert

Sydney Jones

Claire Willcutt

Isabel Newport

Annmarie White

Luisa Vilar

Giavanni Powell

Ramsey Codding Miller

Jordan Jones

Rachel Rouleau

Isabella Little

Hallie Stueckrath

Patrick Blain

Advanced Level




Lydia Herman

Kenedy Kallas

Sonny Brocklebank

Kylee Petersen

Gary Marshall

Paul Wright

Alexandra Taylor

Jean-Paul Milano

Sydney Boe

Ines Gonzalez

Chiara Buttelli

Natalia Castro

Bailey Vaughn

Olivia Barge

Selena Robinson

Meryl Pawlick

Maria Barreto

Mary Margaret Gates

Carmen Lehnigk

Tessa Jenkins

Jordan Curtin

Sydney Spaciel

Kerondreial Foster

Kelsey Reiter

Jordan Jones

Rachel Rouleau

Isabella Little

Hallie Stueckrath


Kerondreial Foster

Kelsey Reiter

Destini Hendricks

Payton Laforet

Sarah Eisenbaum

Hailey Walek

Brooke Jones

Carina Burton

Olivia Miller

Cecile Comtois

Megan Tews

Esma Brown

Lexie Rosckes

Katrina Rusinko

Tayler Mcguire

Laura Coleman

Hayley Kraft

Talia Hintermeister

Haley Bidwell

Preston Cubbage

Kaylin Shadle

Megan Prout

Brianna Kelley

Rylie Mchale

Isabella Hoffheins

Jessica Hogan

Caitlyn Hutcheson

Casey Beetle

Tillie Glatz

Mikayla Morgan

Samantha Marcus

Hannah Gramatovich

Polly Jacobs

Meghan Vinnicombe

Jaime Alejandro Rincón Romero

Sonya Folds

Marissa Andresky

Julianna Coates

Megan Fuhrman

Rebekah Eicholtz

Samantha Morales

Sydney Parker

Alex Schulke

Jazlyn Caing

Madison Whalen

Olivia Schulke

Erica Segall

Krista Gottwald

Anna Nolazco

Annalissa Hartsell

Ana Vasan

Erin Maher

Halina Tutaj

Haley Wolfersberger

Sami Eismont

Milagros Gomez

Allison Mcalpine

Arran Ponte

Kelsey Kaufman

Mckinley Roche

Eden Johnson-Woods

Margaret Ogas

Esther Pae

Willow Pae

Kerondreial  Foster

Kelsey Reiter



Week 5 – February 8th and 9th, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Zach Rondos - Full Jazz + 75% Ballet Scholarship

Amanda Solheim - Full Ballet + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Lydia Olson - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Tara Youngman - Ballet Scholarship

Chad Balen - Ballet Scholarship

Emily Mcallister - Ballet Scholarship

Benjamin Staker - Ballet Scholarship

Chandler Sharp - Ballet Scholarship

Zack Preece - Ballet Scholarship

Laura Cislaghi - Ballet Scholarship

Daniele Cavuoti - Ballet Scholarship

Egon Polzone - Ballet Scholarship

Francesco Zappala - Ballet Scholarship

Grâce-Cécile Caclin - Jazz Scholarship

Michael Hoey - Jazz Scholarship

Trevor Spencer - Jazz Scholarship

Rhaamell Burke-Missouri - Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Nathan Fister - Jazz Scholarship + 50% Ballet Scholarship

Aileen Carroll - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Emmakate Franz - Ballet Scholarship

Uriel Mendoza Osorio - Ballet Scholarship

Melisa Canseco Minguer - Ballet Scholarship

Etzalli Garcia Canete - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Echan - Ballet Scholarship

Jackson Haywood - Ballet Scholarship

Zack Preece - Ballet Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

James Harvener - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Ruthie Belza - Ballet Scholarship

Gabriel Green - Ballet Scholarship

Lucy Doherty - Ballet Scholarship

Ava Lahey - Ballet Scholarship

Alyssa Boswell - Ballet Scholarship

Emilia Dagradi - Ballet Scholarship

Olivia Pingul - Ballet Scholarship

Isabelle Cummings - Ballet Scholarship

Anna Sundquist - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Salas Lopez - Ballet Scholarship

Fernanda Morales Medina - Ballet Scholarship

Amanda Garcia Lopez - Ballet Scholarship

Danae Zeller Silva - Ballet Scholarship

Xanath Ruiz - Ballet Scholarship

Paola Pena Garcia - Ballet Scholarship

Maryan Gomez Viloria - Ballet Scholarship

Yu-Chen Kuo - Ballet Scholarship

Hannah Mello - Jazz Scholarship

Olivia Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Avery Lewis - Jazz Scholarship

Sasha Dymant - Jazz Scholarship

Jordyn Chavez - Jazz Scholarship

Dania Geisen - Jazz Scholarship

Paige Higham - Jazz Scholarship

Katy Shaffer - Jazz Scholarship

Aliya Mayers - Jazz Scholarship

Lisa Gulley - Jazz Scholarship

Courtney Washington - Jazz Scholarship

Kristen Stephens - Jazz Scholarship

Bintu Traore' - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Macy Smith - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Audrey Lee - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Kathleen Wall - Ballet Scholarship

Katerina Thompson - Ballet Scholarship

Clarissa Lambert - Ballet Scholarship

Elizabeth Marsh - Ballet Scholarship

Katie Zimmer - Ballet Scholarship

Kara Feight - Ballet Scholarship

Eliza Glovin - Ballet Scholarship

Hannah Scott - Ballet Scholarship

Meg King - Ballet Scholarship

Danielle Merlino - Ballet Scholarship

Tuli Marshall - Ballet Scholarship

Kathryn Edwards - Ballet Scholarship

Tatiana Demartino - Ballet Scholarship

Angelina Demartino - Ballet Scholarship

Anna Kelly - Ballet Scholarship

Sydney Lastorino - Jazz Scholarship 

Madeline Myers - Jazz Scholarship

Oksana Sherbina - Jazz Scholarship

Emma Meyers - Jazz Scholarship

Taylor Ginter - Jazz Scholarship

Angelina Liu - Jazz Scholarship

Lily Probert - Jazz Scholarship

Antonella Nicholas - Jazz Scholarship

Jessica Fanelli - Jazz Scholarship

Morgan Goodfellow - Jazz Scholarship

Zoe Walker - Jazz Scholarship

Nia Walker - Jazz Scholarship

Eliah Furlong - Jazz Scholarship

Jacquelyn Nese - Jazz Scholarship

Erin Ratliff - Jazz Scholarship

Ashlee Montagano - Jazz Scholarship

Caroline Mccaull - Jazz Scholarship

Sage Wilson - Jazz Scholarship 

Justin Bisnauthsing - Jazz Scholarship

Ruthie Rise - Jazz Scholarship

Natalie Copeland - Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Fischer - Jazz Scholarship

Jana Kalivoda - Jazz Scholarship

Savanna Lee Petrunti - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Tara Youngman

Emily Mcallister

Chandler Sharp

Olivia Pingul

Eliza Glovin

Laura Cislaghi


Zoe Walker

Madison Echan

Grâce-Cécile Caclin

Erin Ratliff

Alexis Fischer

Nathan Fister

James Harvener

Advanced Level




Chad Balen

Amanda Solheim

Chloe Choroszewski

Gabriel Green

Uma Shannon

Emma Taylor

Hailey Ramsey

Emilia Dagradi

Meg King

Karnjanakorn Sapianchai

Bridget Arseneau

Melisa Canseco Minguer

Etzalli Garcia Canete

Amaris Mills

Daniele Cavuoti

Egon Polzone

Francesco Zappala

Maryan Gomez Viloria

Ching-Yi Chang

Huei-Wun Peng

Ting-Yi Lin

Yu-Chin Lao

Yueh Wang

Hannah Scott

Zach Rondos

Mara Brand

Courtney Washington

Nathan Fister

James Harvener


Sydney Lastorino

Lauren Bizianes

Madeline Myers

Avery Lewis

Kelly Ann Tatulli

Sasha Dymant

Oksana Sherbina

Emily Abrecht

Brianna Haire

Stephanie Valdez

Chelsey Hamilton

Sara Glorioso

Ashleigh Sewell

Kaitlin Windingland

Mya Jordan

Mariah Anton

Margaret Hoshor

Margaux Natiello

Jordyn Chavez

Antonella Nicholas

Jameelah Baker

Alyssa Santos

Suzanne Creedon

Jessica Fanelli

Sarah Marlowe

Morgan Goodfellow

Rachael Hall

Serena Lamacchia

Willa Bennett

Dania Geisen

Alexandra Tucker

Alicia Brooks

Eliah Furlong

Paige Higham

Amanda Sommers

Jacquelyn Nese

Brigid Parker

Katy Shaffer

Michelle Shoshan

Audrey Lee

Aliya Mayers

Rachel Calabrese

Alyssa Ross

Lexi Perlowitz

Meredith Weaver

Hannah Mello

Ashlee Montagano

Caroline Mccaull

Caroline Miele

Michael Hoey

Aileen Carroll

Trevor Spencer

Lisa Gulley

Jade Primicias

Claire Branley

Kristen Stephens

Jana Kalivoda

Lyndsey Arorash

Savanna Lee Petrunti

Rhaamell Burke-Missouri

Bintu Traore'

Sophie Dora Tulchin

Hannah Scott

Zach Rondos

Mara Brand

Courtney Washington




Week 6 – February 15 and 16, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Anarella Lopez - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Scholarship

Todd Baker - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Scholarship

Julian Sanchez - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Valeriia Chaykina - Ballet Scholarship

Amy Wise - Ballet Scholarship

D'angelo Castro - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Isabella Stanfield - Ballet Scholarship

Michael Pell - Ballet Scholarship

Samantha Pearson - Ballet Scholarship

Michelle Quiner - Ballet Scholarship

Taylor Dodd - Ballet Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Charlotte Junge - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Jessica Linder - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Nance - Ballet Scholarship

Kalyn DeClue - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Bailey Sito - Ballet Scholarship

Tye Trussell - Ballet Scholarship

Kaley Kirkman - Ballet Scholarship

Isabella Sadolo - Ballet Scholarship

Elijah Lancaster - Ballet Scholarship

Grace Savage - Ballet Scholarship

Cecilia Verdeja - Ballet Scholarship

Bridget Heddens - Ballet Scholarship

Stella Shapiro - Ballet Scholarship

Chesa Sampson - Ballet Scholarship

Grace Anne Reed - Ballet Scholarship

Sara Recarey - Ballet Scholarship

Claire Piskun - Ballet Scholarship

Armani Davidson - Ballet Scholarship

Kennedy Simpson - Ballet Scholarship

Abigail Machnik - Ballet Scholarship

Victoria Gomez - Ballet Scholarship

Rebecca Dunphy - Ballet Scholarship

Madeleine Nytes - Ballet Scholarship

Annie Gimenez - Ballet Scholarship

Thomas Singer Jr - Ballet Scholarship

Sophie Blue - Jazz Scholarship 

Isabella Smalkais - Jazz Scholarship

Julia Faris - Jazz Scholarship

Melany Rufin - Jazz Scholarship

Zophia Jackowski - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Caleb Patterson - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Maggie Schoenfeld - Ballet Scholarship

Sophie Ciokajlo - Ballet Scholarship

Devon Ostheimer - Ballet Scholarship

Nichole Labadie - Ballet Scholarship

Katie Johnson - Ballet Scholarship

Alexis Faught - Ballet Scholarship

Olivia Kalamboukas - Ballet Scholarship

Morgan Lo - Ballet Scholarship

Keziah Terry - Ballet Scholarship

Aimee Kilgore - Ballet Scholarship

Natalie Conover - Ballet Scholarship

Anabel Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Sarah Miller - Jazz Scholarship

Kristen Lo - Jazz Scholarship

Emily Valencia - Jazz Scholarship

Victoria Moraga - Jazz Scholarship

Katerina Cabrera - Jazz Scholarship

Carlolina Vento - Jazz Scholarship

Ambar Rodriguez - Jazz Scholarship

Jordan Pelegrin - Jazz Scholarship

Taylor Russell - Jazz Scholarship

Emma Marvel - Jazz Scholarship

Jenna Bregante - Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Payton - Jazz Scholarship

Rebecca Lewis - Jazz Scholarship

Kele Roberson - Jazz Scholarship

Alyssa Voight - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Valeriia Chaykina

Kaley Kirkman

Katie Johnson

Madison Nance

Keziah Terry


Todd Baker

Bailey Sito

Victoria Kalina

Kalyn Declue

Zophia Jackowski

Advanced Level




Elijah Lancaster

Kyle Lacroix

Devon Ostheimer

Natalia Lascano

Chesa Sampson

Melody Morrow

Samantha Pearson

Amelia Sampson

Abby Needell

Angela Jorge

Grayson Waataja

Aimee Kilgore

Taylor Warren

Bridget Heddens

Taylor Olson

Jose Gaona

Madeleine D'avila

Bella Rusli

Todd Baker


Maddie Miller

Hannah Craig

Julia Faris

Ambar Rodriguez

Julian Sanchez

D'angelo Castro

Lindsay Grymes

Amelia Atteberry

Em Jacobsson

Malanah Hobgood

Emma Marvel

Morgan Wolfe

Laura Barrett

Alexis Payton

Fernanda Elizondo

Lorena Elizondo

Anne Garrison

Megan Paradowski

Christina Beck

Katherine Casey

Kathryn King

Jazz Smith

Abigail Loper

Victoria Perez

Taylor Kilpatrick

Morgan Rocco

Lindsey Bohanan

Mara Neumann

Sarah Rogge

Sarafina Fabris-Green

Ryan Winkler

Madeline Fusco

Bridget Heddens

Taylor Olson

Jose Gaona

Madeleine D'avila

Bella Rusli

Madison Nance

Keziah Terry



Week 7 – Febuary 21, 22 and 23, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Brendan Fairbanks - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Bailey Eland - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Elijah Kirk - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Kayla Adams - Full Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Dominiq Luckie - Ballet Scholarship

Carly Hambridge - Ballet Scholarship

Elisabeth Spencer - Ballet Scholarship

John Lefkowitz - Ballet Scholarship

Finola Xie - Ballet Scholarship

Biel Torra - Ballet Scholarship

Derek Drilon - Ballet Scholarship

Ross Freeman - Ballet Scholarship

Daniel White - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Clara Ambrosini - Ballet Scholarship

Hope Jones - Ballet Scholarship & 75% Jazz Scholarship

Olivia Porter - Ballet Scholarship & 75% Jazz Scholarship

Katherine Hardison - Jazz Scholarship

Jesseca Scott - Jazz Scholarship

Holly Hronek - Jazz Scholarship

December Brickey - Ballet Scholarship & 50% Jazz Scholarship

Dequira Parker - Ballet Scholarship & 50% Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Alexander Thibado - Ballet Scholarship & 25% Jazz Scholarship

Aiden Keltner - Ballet Scholarship

Sabina Schaffer - Ballet Scholarship

Abby Caldwell - Ballet Scholarship

Meredith Rogers - Ballet Scholarship

Emma Wernecke - Ballet Scholarship

Meredith Hunter-Mason - Ballet Scholarship

Taylor Hafy - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Kimie Parker - Ballet Scholarship & 25% Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Schmachtenberger - Ballet & 25% Jazz Scholarship

Aisha Lakshman - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Michelle Mckay - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Madison Yinger - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Alexa Blanchet - Ballet Scholarship

Marissa Ball - Ballet Scholarship

Cooper Everson - Ballet Scholarship

Josef Drinkard - Ballet Scholarship

Abigail White - Ballet Scholarship

Anna Hall - Ballet Scholarship

Xavier Logan - Ballet Scholarship

Zoe Abrigo - Ballet Scholarship

Carolyn Harney - Ballet Scholarship

Alissa Williamson - Ballet Scholarship

Annabel Kaplan - Ballet Scholarship

Reese Anderson - Ballet Scholarship

Megan Mcentee - Ballet Scholarship

Isoke Samuel - Ballet Scholarship

Jaymes  Barcenas - Ballet Scholarship

Kendall Lockhart - Ballet Scholarship

Princess Grant - Ballet Scholarship

Kaleb Lindevaldsen - Ballet Scholarship

Mari Hooper - Ballet Scholarship

Angel Houwari - Ballet Scholarship

Adriana Rivera Camareno - Ballet Scholarship

Brianna Trusty - Ballet Scholarship

Ashton Johnston - Jazz Scholarship

Taylor Baines - Jazz Scholarship

Kassidy Oswald - Jazz Scholarship

Robyn Reynes - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Hibbs - Jazz Scholarship

Ryan Albee - Jazz Scholarship

Kyla Hull - Jazz Scholarship

Callie Hale - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Raegan Boozer - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Brooke Boozer - Ballet & Jazz Scholarship

Runa King - Ballet & 50 % Jazz Scholarship

Abigail Pratt - Ballet Scholarship

Jessica Collier - Ballet Scholarship

Emmy Nourse - Ballet Scholarship

Talia Dixon - Ballet Scholarship

Abigail Carrasco - Ballet Scholarship

Alexie Montoya - Ballet Scholarship

Callie Schaffer - Ballet Scholarship

Olivia Reck - Ballet Scholarship

Ashley Huang - Ballet Scholarship

Micaela Tardie - Ballet Scholarship

Hayley Biles - Ballet Scholarship

Rachel Pittman - Ballet Scholarship

Natalia Osuna - Ballet Scholarship

Courtney Costa - Ballet Scholarship

Brandon Mcguirk - Ballet Scholarship

Sophie Marcus - Ballet Scholarship

Caroline Carton - Ballet Scholarship

Isabel Lira - Ballet Scholarship

Grace Puckett - Ballet Scholarship

Rebekah Larose - Ballet Scholarship

Angelina Capozzoli - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Ward - Jazz Scholarship

Analeigh Adams - Jazz Scholarship

Abby Bunn - Jazz Scholarship

Cayla Skeete - Jazz Scholarship

Haley'beth Cain - Jazz Scholarship

Jenna Napolitano - Jazz Scholarship

Kaitlyn Willis - Jazz Scholarship

Shannon Sullivan - Jazz Scholarship

Jena Hendrix - Jazz Scholarship 

Dayna Palmer - Jazz Scholarship

Katherine Dannemiller - Jazz Scholarship

Cordarrel White - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Emmy Nourse

Sabina Schaffer

Meredith Rogers

Hayley Biles

Emma Wernecke

Rachel Pittman

Carly Hambridge

Courtney Costa

Finola Xie

Grace Puckett

Kendall Lockhart

Princess Grant

Angel Houwari

Daniel White

Maria Clara Ambrosini

Kimie Parker

Michelle Mckay


Ashton Johnston

Darlyn Perez

Katherine Hardison

Taylor Baines

Hope Jones

Taylor Hagy

Jesseca Scott

Kassidy Oswald

Haley'beth Cain

Jenna Napolitano

Shannon Sullivan

Rachel Hibbs

Dayna Palmer

Cordarrel White

Kyla Hull

Callie Hale

Michelle Mckay

Kayla Adams

Advanced Level




Alexa Blanchet

Gwen Snyder

Olivia Reck

Lauren Russo

Dominiq Luckie

Yuri-Grace Ohashi

Charlotte Livingston

Meg Gourley

Abby Caldwell

Anna Hall

Micaela Tardie

Meetra Nisania

Megan Watkins

Carolyn Harney

Brandon Mcguirk

Meagan Mcgrail

Kelly O'brin

Isoke Samuel

Bianca Vasconcellos

Biel Torra

Jaymes Barcenas

Regina Lauxterman Munguia

Rebekah Larose

Derek Drilon

Kelly O'shaughnessy

Meredith Hunter-Mason

Ross Freeman

Brianna Trusty

Katherine Dannemiller

Kayla Adams


December Brickey

Runa King

Cooper Everson

Amanda Boyne

Haley Sisk

Sarah Taylor

Maria Bujwid

Karleigh King

Rache Bobek

Danielle Fitzgerald

Emmaline Wuensch

Amina Yufanyi

Madison Yinger

Holly Hronek

Katherine Dannemiller

Kimie Parker


Week 8 – March 1st and 2nd, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

David Delgadillo- Full Jazz + 50% Ballet Scholarship

Anthony Bryant - Full Jazz + 75% Ballet Scholarship

Kendra Tate - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Mariana Giner - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Hector Guerrero - Full Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Jake Washabaugh - Ballet Scholarship

Addison Goodwin - Ballet Scholarship

Matthew Huefner - Ballet Scholarship

Daniel White - Ballet Scholarship

Bhavni Tellez - Ballet Scholarship

Alex Correa - Ballet Scholarship

Jermaine Turnbow - Jazz Scholarship

Lindsey Cook - Jazz Scholarship

Alexis Ungerank - Jazz Scholarship

Mallory Mcgeorge - Jazz Scholarship

Harris  Turner - Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Caroline Young - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Esmae Gold - Ballet Scholarship

Yu Matsumoto - Ballet Scholarship

Hannah Kelly - Ballet Scholarship

Eli Ward - Ballet Scholarship

Demetrious Reed - Ballet Scholarship

Tracey Payne - Ballet Scholarship

Zoe Greco - Ballet Scholarship

Katherine Jiao - Ballet Scholarship

Jhaianne Cooper - Jazz Scholarship

Megan Bolton - Jazz Scholarship

Fallon Johnson - Jazz Scholarship

Ciara Ricards - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Tamara Alfaro - Jazz Scholarship & 25% Ballet Scholarship

Sophie Mcintosh - Jazz Scholarship & 25% Ballet Scholarship

Madison Wieczorek - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Beatriz Hernandez Penvelas - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Victoria Fender - Ballet Scholarship

Alejandra Tellez - Ballet Scholarship

Catherine England - Ballet Scholarship

Caroline Rotante - Ballet Scholarship

Trent Montgomery - Ballet Scholarship

Mersey Fulper-Smith - Ballet Scholarship

Carolina Martinez Ruiz - Ballet Scholarship

Cristina Velasco - Ballet Scholarship

Julia Wunsche - Ballet Scholarship

Hector Yepiz - Ballet Scholarship

Flavio Martinez Delfin - Ballet Scholarship

Israel Tejada - Ballet Scholarship

Audrey Lipson - Ballet Scholarship

Rachel Schneider - Ballet Scholarship

Evan Vamosi - Ballet Scholarship

Fiona Kirkland - Ballet Scholarship

Ellie Prince - Ballet Scholarship

Juntao(Jt) Zhao - Ballet Scholarship

Brandon Ghent - Jazz Scholarship

Bhavni Rajdev - Jazz Scholarship

Julia Figaredo - Jazz Scholarship

Elma Mendoza - Jazz Scholarship

Ronnell Kitt - Jazz Scholarship

Dianna Galloway - Jazz Scholarship

Aleixa Freire - Jazz Scholarship

Marty Kineavy - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Marchetta Genis - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Elaina Sutula - Ballet Scholarship

Halie Kromer - Ballet Scholarship

Ava Thomas - Ballet Scholarship

Tea Whitehorne - Ballet Scholarship

Danielle Garcia Silva - Ballet Scholarship

Rebekka Ryan - Ballet Scholarship

Rebecca Ruelas Alvarado - Ballet Scholarship

Sofia Valle - Ballet Scholarship

Jade Smets - Ballet Scholarship

Isabella Perez - Ballet Scholarship

Bibian Daccarett - Ballet Scholarship

Abbi Sterner - Ballet Scholarship

Yu Kondo - Ballet Scholarship

Payge Lecakes - Ballet Scholarship

Anya-Jae Brown - Ballet Scholarship

Minerva Macarrulla - Ballet Scholarship

Tai Marie Furlong - Ballet Scholarship

Victoria Alibozek - Ballet Scholarship

Anya Stevens - Ballet Scholarship

Isabel Wolfe - Ballet Scholarship

Madeline Rick - Ballet Scholarship

Kaitlyn Hassler - Ballet Scholarship

Breanna Posselt - Jazz Scholarship

Haylie Kromer - Jazz Scholarship

Marie-Laurence Nicolas - Jazz Scholarship

Azeb Martel-Wilson - Jazz Scholarship

Sherena Medford - Jazz Scholarship

Anijah Lezama - Jazz Scholarship

Mikayla Collins - Jazz Scholarship

Madeline Galgano - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Elaina Sutula

Esmae Gold

Halie Kromer

Yu Matsumoto

Hannah Kelly

Danielle Garcia Silva

Mersey Fulper-Smith

Mariana Giner

Caroline Young

Anthony Bryant

Marchetta Genis


Jermaine Turnbow

Haylie Kromer

Mallory Mcgeorge

Harris Turner

Madison Wieczorek

Marchetta Genis

Advanced Level




Victoria Fender

Ellen Duddy

Emily Jarrett

Kristen Soeters

Tricia Stefancin

Sarah Ruesch

Sophia Cordeiro

Ashley Miltich

Caroline Rotante

Daniel White

Sophia Andreyer

Trent Montgomery

Hallie Ricci

Rachel Schneider

Isabel Wolfe

Zoe Greco

Hallie Rumsey-Lasersohn

Fiona Kirkland

Kaitlyn Hassler

Maria Elvira Zachrisson

Kyleigh Shesser

Ginelle Ruffa

Alyssa Archer

Hector Guerrero

Megan Bolton

Fallon Johnson

Sophie Mcintosh

Kendra Tate

Madison Wieczorek


Kelsi Curtis

Abby Rioux

Jhaianne Cooper

Halie Ricci

Bhavni Rajdev

Beatriz Hernandez

Penvelas Julia Figaredo

David Delgadillo

Audrey Lipson

Ronnell Kitt

Dianna Galloway

Lindsey Cook

Jaime Gialloreto

Aleixa Freire

Sherena Medford

Natalie Henry

Alexis Ungerank

Mikayla Collins

Tina Motoki

Madeline Galgano

Crystal Yao

Madison Lynch

Ciara Ricards

Chloe Abbott

Kyleigh Shesser

Ginelle Ruffa

Alyssa Archer

Hector Guerrero

Megan Bolton

Fallon Johnson

Sophie Mcintosh

Kendra Tate

Caroline Young

Anthony Bryant


Week 9 – March 8th and 9th, 2014: Congratulations Dancers!

Full Tuition Winners

Anca Putin - Full Jazz + 50% Ballet Scholarship

Elaine Sanchez - Full Jazz + 75% Ballet Scholarship

Carla He - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Bhavni Tellez - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Junior Diaz - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Alejandra Preciado - Ballet Scholarship + 75% Jazz Scholarship

Roberto Soria - Full Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Adrian Maxwell-Campagna - Full Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Evan Matthew Stewart - Full Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Jonathan Wade - Full Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Wang Yu Ting - Ballet Scholarship

Sebastian Lecomte - Ballet Scholarship

Dash Grundy - Ballet Scholarship

William Hall - Ballet Scholarship

Ross Warpinski - Ballet Scholarship

Mariusz Kujawski - Ballet Scholarship

Annabelle Hustace - Ballet Scholarship

Charlie Waldron - Ballet Scholarship

Cainan Weber - Ballet Scholarship

Beñat Andueza - Ballet Scholarship

Jennifer Farr - Ballet Scholarship

Facundo Luqui - Ballet Scholarship

Laura Penido - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Cordero - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Niveyro - Ballet Scholarship

Chase Benjamin - Jazz Scholarship

Matthew Zimmerman - Jazz Scholarship

Helena Ziemer - Jazz Scholarship

Sarah Flack - Jazz Scholarship

Serena Kung - Jazz Scholarship

Susannah Haight - Jazz Scholarship

Mackenzie Messick - Jazz Scholarship

Jordan Pelegrin - Jazz Scholarship

Julianna Morgan - Jazz Scholarship

Madalyn Pelegrin - Jazz Scholarship

Rafael Muniz - Jazz Scholarship

Rocio Pardo - Jazz Scholarship

75% Tuition Winners

Brittany Weger - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Alicia Slouffman - Ballet Scholarship

Andrea Pedraza Berti - Ballet Scholarship

Anastasia Wagner - Ballet Scholarship

Barbara Perdomo - Ballet Scholarship

Camila Gomez - Ballet Scholarship

Elena Marigliano - Ballet Scholarship

Jennifer Klammer - Ballet Scholarship

Jonathan Cubides - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Correa - Ballet Scholarship

Maria Diaz - Ballet Scholarship

Martina Tagle - Ballet Scholarship

Nicolas Scianca - Ballet Scholarship

Sofia Aguero - Ballet Scholarship

Stefanie Orti - Ballet Scholarship

Suraija Agosto - Jazz Scholarship

Daiana Fernandez - Jazz Scholarship

Erica Loper - Jazz Scholarship

Lucia Puente - Jazz Scholarship

Martin Sastre - Jazz Scholarship

Mia Eboli - Jazz Scholarship

50% Tuition Winners

Gracie Spina - Ballet Scholarship + 25% Jazz Scholarship

Lara Cambursano - Ballet Scholarship +25% Jazz Scholarship

Taylor Lovisa - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Alexander Suh - Ballet Scholarship

Kelly O'daniel - Ballet Scholarship

Phoebe North - Ballet Scholarship

Bridget Hofmeister - Ballet Scholarship

Emma Henning - Ballet Scholarship

Lauren Slouffman - Ballet Scholarship

Thailiyah Williams - Ballet Scholarship

Skyler Levine - Ballet Scholarship

Yohana Yanez - Ballet Scholarship

Emmett Moore - Ballet Scholarship

Braden Falusi - Ballet Scholarship

Abigail Clark - Ballet Scholarship

Agostina Logullo - Ballet Scholarship

Alexa Flores - Ballet Scholarship

Berenice Guinaldo - Ballet Scholarship

Caria Latorre - Ballet Scholarship

Emily Cabrera - Ballet Scholarship

Jazlynn Lopez - Ballet Scholarship

Jenna Mccoy - Ballet Scholarship

Loren Cortes - Ballet Scholarship

Marcelo Alvarez - Ballet Scholarship

Molly Wicker - Ballet Scholarship

Natalie Machado - Ballet Scholarship

Paloma Ramirez Azambuja - Ballet Scholarship

Paola Osinaga - Ballet Scholarship

Rocio Gomez - Ballet Scholarship

Susana Sinclair - Ballet Scholarship

Valentina Logullo - Ballet Scholarship

Amanda Costa - Jazz Scholarship

Maddison Dawson - Jazz Scholarship

Margarita Soria - Jazz Scholarship

Lia D'alessandro - Jazz Scholarship

Alexa Lorenzo - Jazz Scholarship

Amanda Gonzalez - Jazz Scholarship

Ashley Ramirez - Jazz Scholarship

Comila Gomez - Jazz Scholarship

Doralys Quirindongo - Jazz Scholarship

Emma Parssi - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Alonso - Jazz Scholarship

Stephanie Gonzalez - Jazz Scholarship

Ulises Otero - Jazz Scholarship

25% Tuition Winners

Jesse Mccoy - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Katherine Leon - Ballet and Jazz Scholarship

Paige Smith - Ballet Scholarship + 50% Jazz Scholarship

Alejandra Triana - Ballet Scholarship + 75% Jazz Scholarship

Zhang Wen Qian - Ballet Scholarship

Ashley Davis - Ballet Scholarship

Maya Hawkins - Ballet Scholarship

Tatum Farlow - Ballet Scholarship

Holly Larsen - Ballet Scholarship

Erica Blake - Ballet Scholarship

Lauren Salt - Ballet Scholarship

Cherilyn Lau - Ballet Scholarship

Maya Mckeever - Ballet Scholarship

Belle Lee - Ballet Scholarship

Mackenzie Pentecost - Ballet Scholarship

Afura Taylor - Ballet Scholarship

Sofia Olavarrieta - Ballet Scholarship

Alissa Van Herk - Ballet Scholarship

Annikka Dobko - Ballet Scholarship

Braidot Dalila - Ballet Scholarship

Brianna Penichet - Ballet Scholarship

Camila Tauma Turgo - Ballet Scholarship

Emily Clark - Ballet Scholarship

Giuliana Macchia - Ballet Scholarship

Graziella Dal Bon - Ballet Scholarship

Isis Smith - Ballet Scholarship

Madison Jones - Ballet Scholarship

Milena Goni - Ballet Scholarship

Paez Milagros - Ballet Scholarship

Sofia Ghavami - Ballet Scholarship

Sophia Echeverry - Ballet Scholarship

Stephanie Negrin - Ballet Scholarship

Hope Aita - Jazz Scholarship

Eliza Walker - Jazz Scholarship

Alessandra Wun - Jazz Scholarship

Tylar Havens - Jazz Scholarship

Anna De Russo - Jazz Scholarship

Sydney Price - Jazz Scholarship

Lydia King - Jazz Scholarship

Abril Lukac - Jazz Scholarship

Alexa Hui - Jazz Scholarship

Antonella Botticella - Jazz Scholarship

Brittany Weger - Jazz Scholarship

Briyanni Perez - Jazz Scholarship

Briyanni Perez - Jazz Scholarship

Emma Chandler - Jazz Scholarship

Julianna Morgan - Jazz Scholarship

Mackenzie Hoffman - Jazz Scholarship

Madelyn Tsintzas - Jazz Scholarship

Manuela Poch - Jazz Scholarship

Mocibob Agostina - Jazz Scholarship

Rachel Alonso - Jazz Scholarship

Sasha Sagel - Jazz Scholarship

Elite Level




Ashley Davis

Maya Hawkins

Tatum Farlow

Holly Larsen

Erica Blake

Dash Grundy

William Hall

Yohana Yanez

Andrea Pedraza Berti

Beñat Andueza

Sofia Olavarrieta

Alissa Van Herk

Annikka Dobko

Camila Gomez

Caria Latorre

Facundo Luqui

Laura Penido

Maria Cordero

Maria Diaz

Maria Niveyro

Milena Goni

Paola Osinaga

Bhavni Tellez

Lara Cambursano

Anca Putin

Evan Matthew Stewart


Sarah Flack

Margarita Soria

Serena Kung

Susannah Haight

Lydia King

Mackenzie Messick

Abril Lukac

Alejandra Triana

Alexa Hui

Alexa Lorenzo

Briyanni Perez

Comila Gomez

Daiana Fernandez

Doralys Quirindongo

Elaina Sanchez

Erica Loper

Jesse Mccoy

Jordan Pelegrin

Julianna Morgan

Katherine Leon

Lucia Puente

Madalyn Pelegrin

Martin Sastre

Mia Eboli

Mocibob Agostina

Rachel Alonso

Rafael Muniz

Sasha Sagel

Stephanie Gonzalez

Adrian Maxwell-Campagna

Alejandra Preciado

Jonathan Wade

Anca Putin

Evan Matthew Stewart

Advanced Level




Wang Yu Ting

Hannah Smith

Mackenzie Campbell

Shannon Robbins

Roberto Soria

Phoebe North

Sebastian Lecomte

Madison Billings

Chloei Andres

Christina Litt Belch

Ross Warpinski

Mariusz Kujawski

Emma Henning

Annabelle Hustace

Eloise Moss

Genevieve Clark

Wing Sze Tracy Chow

Leung Vivian Hoi Koi

Cybil Poon Sze Pui

Ku Wai Shun Crystal

Wong Mei

Yiu Wan Yin

Charlie Waldron

Cainan Weber

Alisha Rutherford

Audrey Robinson

Aubrey Mcllwraith-Black

Braden Falusi

Maddison Hilton

Marta Teja Mesa

Tavia Werner-Fisher

Braidot Dalila

Carla Garcia

Catalina Perez Bertolli

Emily Clark

Maria Correa

Maria Pommorsry

Molly Wicker

Nicolas Scianca

Paez Milagros

Abigail Clark

Junior Diaz

Adrian Maxwell-Campagna

Alejandra Preciado

Jonathan Wade


Abigail Clark

Junior Diaz

Bhavni Tellez

Lara Cambursano

Anna De Russo

Amanda Costa

Suraija Agosto

Sydney Price

Katrina Crawford

Anna Kraus

Julie Jones

Avery Lane Beatty

Jamie Ranney

Maddison Dawson

Robyn Hampson

Courtney Martinec

Emma Holt

Melanie Old

Alec Morgan

Hope Osvath

Belle Lee

Lauren Slouffman

Tyler Thompson

Whitney Hampton

Lia D'alessandro

Olivia Anderson-Baier

Francesca Waldvogel

Alexis Pournaras

Montana Valverde

Allie Harbaruk

Alyssa Harrison

Amanda Gonzalez

Anna Taylor

Antonella Botticella

Ashley Ramirez

Ashley St Rose

Ashley Tabachnick

Ashton Panter

Brittany Weger

Briyanni Perez

Christina Lista

Emma Chandler

Emma Jaffe

Emma Parssi

Gracie Spina

Graziella Dal Bon

Janell Williams

Jessica Velardi

Julianna Morgan

Katelyn Reiland

Katrina Harbaruk

Kylie West

Mackenzie Hoffman

Mackenzie Hoffman

Madelyn Tsintzas

Madelyn Tsintzas

Madison Payne

Madison Payne

Manuela Poch

Rocio Pardo

Sara Diffenbach

Sofia Cimmino

Sophia Echeverry

Taryn Panter

Ulises Otero

Victoria Dicuia

Victoria Jennewein


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