9 ways to find out everything about a person with just his first and last name

Many people underestimate how much information can be found about them on the Internet, knowing only their first and last name.

And anyone has access to this data! Because all the services discussed below are free and legal.I will tell you about the easiest ways to find out everything about a person by name.

1. Finding a person in social networks.

The first thing by name and last name you can find people online free in all popular social networks, of course, if he is registered there.

I advise you to start with VKontakte, because in Russia it is the most popular social network, in addition, it has good filters for searching.

Then you can search for a person on Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Twitter.

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Don't forget that the name on the Internet may not match the passport information. And if the last name, as a rule, users rarely change, then instead of Jonathan, a person may sign Joe. So keep this nuance in mind.

And one more tip: when you find a profile on one social network, check the username on other services. It's quite possible the person is using the same nickname everywhere.

2. How to find out what kind of business a person owns

The IRS website has a search service for businesses by first and last name. With this information, we can find out what a person does approximately.

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In addition, a TIN number is openly stored in the database. Its first four digits are the division code. Search it in Google and find out in which city the person registered an IE. Knowing the hometown of the stranger, it will be much easier to find him.

3. What you can find in Google and Bing. 

Search engines can produce interesting results. For example, sites and forums on which the person is registered.

Thus, it is possible to find a place of work, studies and even mentions in the media. True, the latter will require a bit more information.

4. How to find out if a person is wanted

Just in case, you can try to find the person in the police database, especially if he causes concern. There is a free service for this, but to search you will have to specify the year of birth. This field can be filled in at random, if you know the approximate age.

5. How to check a person's debts

On the main page of the website of the Federal Bailiff Service there is a search for debts, including fines and alimony.

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You can enter the number of enforcement proceedings or full name, and the patronymic is an optional field. In general, we write the first and last name, and then study the base.

6. What scientific publications does a stranger have

With the Google Academy service, you can find scientific articles that a person has published. Unlike the usual Google Search, Academia searches for publications in closed libraries.

To use this service, you can use information about your place of study or work. This is sometimes listed on Facebook and VKontakte.

7. How to find an unknown person in court databases

On the website of the state system Justice, you can check in which court cases a stranger was involved. You will only need first and last name, but it is better to know as much data as possible to get the most relevant search results.

Unfortunately, not all cases have the text of the judge's decision attached to them. But if it does, you will be able to read almost all the details of the process (some confidential information is not listed in the documents).

8. How to find out if the person is alive or dead.

If you know almost nothing about the person you are looking for, it doesn't hurt to check if he is alive or dead.

You can use the directory of the Federal Chamber of Notaries.

9. How to look for information in archives

If you are looking for a person who is not alive, all the services in this article will be useless. But in FamilySpace you can find old archives in which the stranger is mentioned.

FamilySpace holds census records, metric books, address books of city residents, winner's lists, and more.

What I found about myself online

I decided to test some of these ways on myself. First, I typed my name into Google and found Twitter and Facebook accounts. Then I opened Google and saw my Instagram profile on the first page. With the help of Google Academy found a link to his report on the scientific conference, which was held at my institute.


As a result, knowing only my first and last name, I was able to find pages on social networks, place of study, work, scientific publications and photos.

On topic: How to find out who called by phone number. 7 working ways
If you analyze social networks and try to find other photos, you can get even more information.

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