Best Blow Up Inflatable Sex Dolls

Best Blow Up Inflatable Sex Dolls

Before we start finding out the best blow up sexdoll, we have to understand that such toys have a lot of advantages even when compared to silicone dolls. Modern inflatable products are capable of providing the same pleasant feelings but they are much cheaper than silicone dolls. If you want to make sure that your inflatable sex doll will give you maximum pleasure, you should be aware of the most important features.

Introduction to inflatable sex dolls

Inflatable sex dolls are products for adults, mostly used by male representatives, although women also like using them. Silicon models are the most popular alternatives. They are made of different materials and they don’t need to be inflated before use. There is a stereotype that silicon dolls are more realistic. In fact, this stereotype has a solid background because the first models of inflatable sex dolls looked rather silly. Besides, it took some time to inflate them in order to get the realistic female shape.

However, the times and trends are changing. Modern techniques allow manufacturers to create the best inflatable sex doll toys. They implement the best materials and apply approaches that help achieve a realistic shape during pumping before use. Modern inflatable products do look like realistic sex dolls, and this isn’t the only considerable advantage. See several more:

  • Blow up toys are cheaper than silicon ones.
  • Inflatable doll models are lighter in weight and easier to use.
  • Modern manufacturers apply very soft
  • Inflatable dolls are more portable.
  • The beauty issue is denied thanks to modern manufacturing techniques.

Although we don’t know exactly who invented blow up dolls, we do know what was the purpose of the inventor and how to achieve it. Here we have the list of top-5 adult love products. Here we go!

Review of the best sex dolls

Pipedream Extreme Dollz Size Inflatable Love Doll

The doll is produced by the Pipedream Products brand. It has been on the market for almost 50 years - since 1973. That’s why it has already become one of the most successful sex doll manufacturers, with over 100 awards.

Many customers are excited after using the products made by this company because it’s known to use the best available materials. Pipedream also strives to make mechanisms that correspond to physical standards and are capable of providing lifelike experiences.

The customer support service of the manufacturer works from 7 am - 4:30 pm PST Mon - Fri. You can contact it by filling in the special form on the website or by writing an email to this address:

The company gives a warranty on all the products, including this Love Doll. To have the possibility to claim it, register your purchase on the website.

Extreme Dollz Size Inflatable Love Doll created by Pipedream Products is a great option for those men who are really fond of oversized love dolls. Despite its bigger-than-standard sizes, the doll is light and has sexy curves in the belly zone and around the tits. If you like round asses and huge tits, you will definitely enjoy it. One more advantage we’ve noticed is that it’s a very realistic inflatable sex doll. It has a very pretty face with sexual and luxurious eyelashes and lips. The only disadvantage is that it might not suit the users who don’t get hard on plus-size shapes. But that’s just a matter of taste!

Fuck Friends Love Doll 2 Orifice - Amber

Amber is a realistic love doll created by the Hott Products brand. It appeals to the fans of adult toys because the brand offers quite an extensive assortment of goods. Amber is one of the best examples of the Hott Products’ dolls. You should get close acquainted with it!

There is a lack of information about the brand. However, we do know that its adult products, including the Amber model, are available on Amazon and some other big online marketplaces. That’s why we may guess that the brand has all the necessary certifications and permissions to sell adult products online.

If you want to learn more about this brand, it’s better to ask other buyers or get in touch with the customer support service. Unfortunately, currently, the website displays only one contact method. You will click the “Contact us” button and will be offered to write an email.

Fuck Friends Love Doll 2 Orifice - Amber has both its advantages and disadvantages. Foremost, let’s consider the pros:

  • very soft and warm material;
  • extremely realistic specially contoured pussy;
  • USB warming stick and aim pump are included in the kit;
  • very realistic feet (the dream of foot fetishists!);
  • medium-sized breast with erect pink nipples;
  • low price.


  • the doll can take only a sitting position. Although you can use such a mechanism for different sex positions, it’s often inconvenient.
  • The face isn’t as realistic as all the other body

Fuck Friends Love Doll 3 Orifice - Tiffany

This love doll is made by the same manufacturer as the previous one. That’s why we don’t think you need to be explained what this company is famous for one more time.

If you want to buy blow up sex doll from the collection of Hott Products, Tiffany is definitely one of the best options to consider. We highly recommend this doll not just because of its look and perfectly-shaped hips. These are important features but the variety of use options and the functionality seem much more important.

The first significant advantage we would like you to pay attention to is a very slender waist. This characteristic makes this product perfect for achieving really sensual experience. In addition to this, Tiffany is a triple-hole dole. What does it mean? With it, you will enjoy fucking pussy, mouth, and anal the way you like. It’s very exciting to do with your love doll everything you want to try.

Two more advantages of Tiffany are the USB warming stick and the vibrating egg that is supposed to take you to another level of pleasure. This experience will be really lifelike thanks to the sound effect, which will only make you hornier.

The last but not the least advantage is that it can be stored in very different conditions thanks to the waterproof features of the materials.

We can’t think of a lot of cons when talking about such a multi-functional love doll. However, there is one feature that may make your sexual experience worst - it takes only a sitting position. If you want to minimize the impact of this disadvantage - make sure to fuck each hole of Tiffany to get the maximum pleasure!

Fuck Friends Rico Suave Swinger Series Doll

In our list, Rico is the first love doll to deliver sexual pleasure to women, and the third one created by the Hott Products brand. The assortment of this company is really insane, feel free to explore more adult toys.

Rico is one of the best male inflatable sex dolls. It’s difficult to believe this just from our assumption. That’s why we recommend you explore some of its highly-valued features:

  • 7-inches-long and 5.25-inches-in-girth dildo. The sizes of this hard cock aren’t the only advantage. Actually, it can deliver even more pleasure than a real partner thanks to the fact that this dildo has a vibrating function, which can make every inch of your pussy wet in just a few minutes!
  • Do you like abs? Every woman likes abs! With Rico, you will be able to enjoy extremely realistic abs made of very soft and flexible jelly rubber.
  • The 6.5-inches-deep realistic anus is just for your dirty experiments.
  • Very realistic, handsome, and soft face.
  • The package includes a free USB warming stick, a repair kit included, and an air pump.
  • Rico is one of the best cheap sex dolls for women with the whole set of functions.

Honestly speaking, we cannot think of any cons when looking at this inflatable Apollo. Enjoy every new night with Rico and feel free to try something new when having fun with him.

Inflatable Love Doll - Maggie

The inflatable love doll Maggie is made by one of the most respected participants in this industry. Nasstoys is a brand that has been in this competition for over 40 years. It remains successful and productive thanks to its innovative decision and a huge diversity of products. On its website, you’ll find adult toys in 15 different categories. Considering the features of the Maggie love doll, we might assume that this is one of the most popular products of the brand.

You can contact the company by two means. The first one is to leave your inquiry in the online form on the website. You will be required to provide all the necessary data and the support team will answer you within 1-2 business days. The second way is to write an email.

Products, included in the assortment of the brand, are all certified and legal. That is why the seller provides a 1-year warranty that will cover the expenses caused by unpredictable issues. If you want to learn about them in detail, approach the website of the seller.

The Maggie Inflatable sex doll is one of the best sexdolls for men in terms of a lifelike experience. It has a curvy shape and reaches 41.3 inches tall. That’s why it’s very easy to use this toy and get maximum pleasure. What else can this sex doll offer? Maggie is a very alluring option for a single man because of its tempting holes. Fuck it the way - mouth, ass, pussy are all at your exposure.

Holes aren’t the only things that impact your feelings. You can lose yourself in the huge tits of the doll and play with its erect nipples. Don’t limit your imagination and dirty fantasy - the doll will do everything the way you like.

Despite the toy being waterproof, there is an issue - its mechanics don’t allow it to take different positions. Nonetheless, that’s not a problem for you if you like the Lotus position. Have fun!

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

If you want your sex doll to remain in quality conditions, you have to know how to maintain and clean it correctly. This is relevant to both sexdolls for women and for men. Appropriate maintenance and cleaning are the only way to make sure that the toy will be safe and give you pleasure for a long period of time.

To restore its perfect condition, make sure to clean the doll after every use. The curious thing is that you shouldn’t leave it in storage for a long time. Even if you don’t have a desire to play with it, it’s better to take it from the storing place once a month and wipe the toy down. Such simple actions will allow you to mitigate and prevent all the risks of the doll being damaged.

When you know that the sex doll should be cleaned after every use, you might be curious about how to clean it properly. Here is our step-by-step guide.

  1. Take mild shampoo and brush the surface of your doll under the running water of your shower.
  2. Wash away any liquidity from the holes that were used during the process.
  3. Use the soft bottle brush to clean everything out from the holes.
  4. Rinse the holes.
  5. Put the doll on the dry surface and take your time until the toy is completely dry. We also recommend patting it with a dry towel.

If you like playing with a doll that has makeup, make sure to remove it after the process. An oil-free makeup remover will be a useful thing for this.

What other customers say

Consider the reviews of other customers when buying sex dolls. They might share some valuable experiences, which will help you to make the best choice.

This user from Amazon, for example, likes that his inflatable love doll had flexible vagina and ass. He also fenced the look of the product.

Thor M, on the other hand, didn’t like that the material of which the doll was made, wasn’t soft enough. You should pay attention to such customer reviews if you rely on tactile feelings.

This user does something more than share his experience. He also recommends using lube to feel the entire spectrum of feelings. Follow such tips from other customers.

This Amazon Customer tells about his satisfaction received from having oral sex with this doll. If your tastes are the same, this means this inflatable doll will be the best partner for you.


As you may see from our blow up sex dolls review, love toys might be extremely different. And that’s the best thing about them because this is what adds some diversity to your sexual life. Don’t be afraid of buying inflatable love dolls just because of silly stereotypes - be sure these girls and guys will give you the pleasure you can’t even imagine! They are cheaper and lighter than silicon ones and their assortment is extremely wide, even if you look through the mentioned brands only. Don’t be afraid of trying and enjoying this sensual experience!

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