Google Pay: What is it and how does it work?

Looking for how to get a Rangoli stamp on Google Pay? Then your search ends here, when festivals pop up, new offers and schemes are rolled out by all the big companies to hype up festival shopping and entice and attract customers to their brands and stores. Similarly, Google Pay has also rolled out a fun offer this Diwali for people to make all their Diwali purchases from their app. Google Pay rewards anyone who collects all five Diwali stamps. The list of stamps includes Dia, Jumka, Flower, Rangoli and Lantern.

You can pay, scan Diya or gift stamps to win a guaranteed scratch card and a chance to unlock a 1 lakh bonus prize. What you have to do to get these stamps is scan holiday items or give money to another person worth more than Rs. 33. But it's not easy to collect all the stamps and people can't get a Rangoli stamp. So, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you can get a Rangoli stamp on Google Pay.

How do you get a Rangoli stamp on Google Pay?

Who doesn't love a little free money, especially when festivals are coming up? Google Pay is cashing in at will for millennials by deploying this feature to get extra money by collecting all stamps. You'll collect all the stamps, but the Rangoli stamp is rare, and you'll have to work a little harder to find it. Here are some of the tried and tested methods:

Method 1. Get a stamp through the Scanner.

The easiest way to get a Rangoli stamp is to scan an image of a Rangoli or a real Rangoli in the Appendix. This method gives you a 50% -60% chance of getting a rangoli stamp.

Open the Google Pay app and open the scanner.

Find a picture of a rangoli or real rangoli made in house and scan the picture or rangoli 2-3 times in the Google Pay app.

Method 2. Get a stamp through Paytm Wallet

One easy way is to go into Paytm and click on the "add money" option.

Enter any specific amount, such as Rs. 75 or more than you want to add to your Paytm Wallet.

Pay with Google Pay to top up your Paytm wallet, and there is a high chance of getting a flower or rangoli stamp using this method.

Method 3. Get a stamp through Flipkart or Amazon.

You must open the Flipkart app on your phone and add items to your cart.

Place your order and pay through Google Pay or UPI.

Chances are very high that you'll get a rangoli stamp or flower on Google Pay. If you want, you can also cancel an order placed on Flipkart and get an instant refund. You can use the same method to order any product in the Amazon shopping app to get a stamp and complete the payment through the Google Pay app.

Method 4. Get a stamp through other utility bills.

Another way to get a rangoli stamp is to pay bills, such as your electric bill or DTH recharge, using the Google Pay app.

Open the Google Pay app and go to Pay Bills.

Choose to pay your electric bill. You can also top up your TATA Sky or Airtel DTH account through this or any other connection. The chances of getting a rangoli stamp in Google Pay are very high with this method.

Method 5: Get a stamp through a bus ticket

You can also get a rangoli stamp on Google Pay by ordering a Red bus ticket through the Google Pay app.

Open the GooglePay app and find the Redbus option under "Business and Account." Now order any bus ticket you require.

You can book any ticket from Pune to Lonavala or from Bangalore to Tumkur, but select the date in 15 days from the date of booking the ticket.

Now pay via Google Pay and complete the payment.

The chance of getting a Rangoli brand using this method in Google Pay is 70%. If a booked bus ticket is not required, there is no problem getting a stamp after payment. Open the Redbus app. Go to my rides and cancel the ticket previously booked through Google Pay. A refund will be issued within 5-7 days or instantly.

Method 6: Get a stamp on your pizza order.

You can also get a Rangoli stamp on Google Pay just by ordering a pizza. Order and enjoy your pizza, and you can also get a rangoli stamp with it.

Open the Google Pay app and look for the food ordering option under "Business & Bill."

From the "Food" menu, select "Pizza in the oven" and tap on it. Order any pizza, and you can also apply the code "GPSTORY" to get a 50% fixed discount on your pizza order.

Complete the transaction using Google Pay and enjoy your pizza.
Use this method to get a Rangoli or Flower brand on Google Pay.

Method 7. Get a stamp through the Cred app.

You can also get a Rangoli stamp on Google Pay by paying your credit card bill through Google Pay. If you don't have the CRED app.

First you need to download the CRED app.

Then register on CRED and make your account.

You must then add your credit card and pay a credit card bill of at least Rs. 35 using the Google Pay option.

This method also gives you a high chance of winning a rangoli brand.

Method 8. Get a stamp through other bills.

You can also pay any other bills or any other recharge, such as phone recharges, etc.

After trying all of these methods, if you don't get a Rangoli stamp, then you're just out of luck. Keep trying all methods more than once and you might just run into the Rangoli stamp.

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