How and where to order an essay inexpensively?

Every pupil learns to write an essay or an exposition. In itself, the process is simple: you look or listen and describe the essence in your own words, taking into account the rules. Unfortunately, many schoolchildren, applicants and students confuse such concepts as "essay" and "essay", "outline".

Writing an essay should not just be literate, but also decent, skillful, taking into account the standard and specific requirements.

What is an essay?

Essay is a specific genre, which is designed to show not only what the author has learned, but also his attitude towards it. Translated, essay means "essay, sketch."

In an essay it is important to show your position, to justify: what, how, why and why. Here it is important not to answer a specific question, but to defend your opinion.

The essay has its own specifics, which is manifested in the following:

  • Narrow focus. When writing an essay, a specific topic is explored, you have to think narrowly, but it is this approach that allows you to understand how the author understands and accepts this or that position, opinion, story or novella, etc.
  • Author's Opinion. In an essay, it is important to reflect exactly the opinion of the researcher, his point of view. This is what distinguishes it from the proverbial essay and an essay.
  • A peculiar style of presentation of the text. An essay implies writing a text in a conversational style, but strictly within the limits of culture, ethics, and decency. The use of foul language and jargon is unacceptable. It is enough to state your thoughts in simple and understandable language. It is best to do this with the help of short sentences, literary, emotional words. Avoid youth slang and foreign turns of phrase.
  • Lack of strictly regulated structure. All material the author presents in his own way in any sequence. The main thing that the text was consistent, logical, capacious and understandable. The main thing is to fully show the problem and the author's attitude to it.
  • Thus, the essay is a unique text, in which the student should show his/her attitude to the chosen topic, problem, the ability to analyze the situation, to draw reasonable conclusions, to think logically.

How to write an essay?

The procedure of writing an essay itself is very similar to the process of creating any student paper. Here it is important to plan your actions correctly. To do this, it is enough to adhere to the following algorithm:

Choosing a topic

At this stage, it is important to have an idea of what audience the essay is written for: a teacher, a whole, a committee, a particular literary community or an employer. On the basis of that, you need to determine what features will be a priority: what will be evaluated, how best to present the material, etc. If there is no list of topics and you have to choose the topic yourself, as it is best to choose something that is close to your spirit, in which you are knowledgeable.

It is equally important that the essay should reflect the author's opinion, character and attitude towards the problem.


Having chosen a direction, determine what exactly you are going to research and defend, formulate the main idea of the essay. That's where the starting point will come from. Here you will already be able to set a specific goal, define the tasks and methods, choose suitable materials.

If it is difficult to write the introductory part, then start immediately with the main material - courageously argue for the question posed, justify your point of view. Write the introduction and conclusion later.


First, you need to make a certain plan and detail in it: what, where, when and how you will cover. Then, the available manuscript should be checked for compliance with the made plan of grammar, censorship, logicality. Don't remove your emotions from the essay, just make it a little restrained and cultured.

Pay special attention to the design of the work. They are specific to each educational institution, publishing house.

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