How did Asquad come to be, what does the main investor say about the project?

Today numerous companies need high-quality integration of payment systems to be able to conduct transactions quickly and expand. It is for this purpose that the Asquad project appeared, the main investor of which is Nikita Izmailov. Parimatch is the company that gave the impetus to start its own projects, and in addition to Asquad there is also sportbank, healthy drinks and other fintech projects.

What was it like?

Nikita started his studies in accounting and auditing, as it was necessary to choose a profession related to business. This was clear from the very beginning, because of the mathematical mindset. And now, just looking at the slide, there is an understanding of where the mistake is and how to fix it.

Were there any early projects?

Already in his second year of high school, Nikita started his own satirical newspaper called Bag, which had a circulation of 10,000 copies. It was published every three weeks, and he managed to make the business break even. But it also became clear that you could not make much money on it and had to move on.

After that Izmaylov switched to the distribution of plastic windows, a desire which was supported by many. These were not only classmates, but also teachers, some of whom remained on good terms with him.
But after university I managed to find a desired position. Of course, it did not happen immediately, but after six months it was a position in the betting office Pari Match. And it's worth noting that Nikita stood out there strongly, and in just three years he was able to achieve what others wait from 5 to 6 years.

In fact, on the one hand it was not without luck, as the company was undergoing a rebirth. There was a need for competent employees.

And while working, Nikita began to study international accounting and auditing standards. This gave another boost and it was decided to start his own business. Many companies need a quality payment system, but they need their own company to run it.

The emergence of the financial and technical fund N1.

This fund aims to work with promising technology startups. One of the most prominent examples is sportbank. But after him was Asquad, designed to create operational transactions. Everything came out of a complicated problem and now there is an opportunity to capture new markets and expand quickly.

Now the work is carried out on the territory of Ukraine, but there are plans to move to other markets, primarily the CIS. There are both desires and opportunities for this.

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