How to bet on sports and be in the black?

Betting on sports: to be in the black

Any bettor wants to be in the black when placing bets in a bookmaker's office. If you know certain rules, it will work out without any problems. We will tell you about profitable betting rules in this article.

Every player wants to make bets and at the same time be in the black. It is quite possible to learn this if you follow the specific rules, which we will tell you about in this material.

The slightest odds advantage plays a big role. For instance, let's consider odds 1.85 and 1.926 (bookmakers have different odds for the same game). Let's assume that the percentage of guessing is 55%. Let's take 100 games at 10 c.u. per game.

(55 x 0.85 - 45) x 10 = 17.5 c.u.
(55 x 0.926 - 45) x 10 = 59 c.u.
As you can see, a huge profit difference.

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Look for the best odds.

  • Even a small advantage in odds over a long run can result in a serious increment in your profits.
  • Let's take two players as an example:
  • Vasily plays handicaps at a domestic bookmaker's office with a betting line of 1.85 to 1.85.
  • Peter also plays handicaps, but they are given by a good and reliable bookmaker's office, and here the odds for these bets are 1.926 - 1.926.
  • To make it easier to understand, let's make an assumption that handicaps are the same (usually they are).
  • We also assume that Vasiliy and Petr are both good handicappers and their field-guessing percentage is 55%. Now for some math:
  • After a hundred bets (that means quite a long distance), $10 each, Vasiliy can win (55 x 0.85 - 45) x 10 = $18, so he stays with his money.
    As for Petr, guessing the same handicaps and betting at the same rate he can win (55 x 0.926 - 45) x 10 = $59, which is already considered a decent profit.
    As we can see, the difference is quite significant, and the reason is the small (at first glance) 0.75 odds, which makes the near-plus player Vasily a plus player (Peter).

Calculate the odds

By no means rely on intuition, omens and similar nonsense. A true punter should always at least try to estimate the probability that the prediction will come true. For example, Vasily says that Maria Sharapova will win the match and it doesn't matter what odds to bet - he'll bet at 1.7 or 1.4. And you already know how important the odds are in getting the profit in the bookmakers' offices. But if Petr says that he thinks that Sharapova's chance to win is about 55%, it might be a bit more useful information and it becomes clear that he shouldn't bet for 1.8 (as mathematical expectation is less than 0.55 x 1.8 = 0.99 and it means that the bet won't bring any profit in the long run), but it might be justified to play for 2.

Each player chooses his own way of evaluating the probability:

Someone will trust the bookmakers' lines for past matches and judge future matches (considering recent results and news), essentially the odds are the same probability, you have probably understood this, just as you have understood that the probability of an event is 1 / COFECIENT, which means for an event with odds of 1.5 the bookmaker's office gives less than 1/1.5 = 0.67, which means less than 67 percent. And this way is the most correct.

Others will calculate the probability on matches, for example asking themselves the question: how many wins in ten matches will Arina Sharapova win? And you have to answer: five matches is not enough, and six is a lot, she's not that good a player, so we have about 75 percent. That's the probability. But you have to learn how to feel the probabilities. And not everyone can do that.

Others might guess the probability on the basis of statistics, using a primitive (or not so primitive) model, for example to trace the last 20 matches of Sharapova with a similar type of competitors (for example, top 25), find out that she won 12 matches, and based on that assume a probability of 12/20, or like 60 percent - this way is the most dangerous because each match is a unique event in its essence. You can, of course, draw some parallels with previous events and compare statistics, but that in itself is a very difficult task and very few people can handle it correctly.

But still, in order to give any correct estimation of probability you need practical experience, it may not work right away, but knowing how to calculate percentages is key for a player who wants to be in the black all the time.

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