Josephine had already got a mobile phone when she was six: I didn't know what to press

When children get a mobile phone depends on many things. Studies show that the average age is around nine years old.

Some children already get a mobile phone when they enter Grade 3. Others are told they may get one when they are a little older or reach a certain age. 

What they all have in common is that a new world opens up to children with a mobile phones. With games, social media and constant communication with parents and friends. A world their parents didn't know about when they were in third grade themselves. For a detailed guide on when children should have a mobile phone, read the link:

"I got my phone when I was six and my parents decided that," Josefina Holm, 3rd grade, Hammelev

How old you should also depend on who you ask. In the 3rd grade at Hummelev School, opinions are divided.

- I think you should be nine, ten, eleven years old," says Mikkel Olesen, and is complemented by his classmate Josefina Holm, who was somewhat younger than that age.

- Well, I got a telephone when I was six, that's what my parents decided. Then I could rather operate it and only had to play with it. It was difficult because I didn't know what to press. Luckily, the adults were able to help with that," she says.

Average age 8.5

For a number of years, the mobile company Telia has asked the analytical agency YouGov to ask Danes when their children will get their first mobile phone. As a result, this usually happens at the age of 8.5.

Børns Vilkår does not think it is possible to set rules about when children should have a phone.

When Børns Vilkår gives presentations on children's digital lives and well-being, parents often get questions about mobile phones for children.

 - We answer that we don't have an attitude towards a particular age. We think different families have different needs. "The fact that a seven-year-old child needs a mobile phone might be a good explanation if, for example, the child has to be transported within the family between mother and father," says Sanne Lind, child counselor at Børns Vilkår, TV SYD.

Parents should set a framework for mobile phones

She thinks it's a good idea for a parent to ask themselves, "What are my child's actual needs?"

- If there is no immediate need, perhaps you should wait to give a discarded phone to a young child who may not know how to use it," says Sanne Lind, who always tries to give clear instructions to parents who choose to give their child a mobile phone.

- The most important thing is that you help set a framework for how it should be used. According to her, you help your child learn how to write to others and usually give it a good start.

The last child without a mobile phone may be on the street

In every class, there is one pupil who has not yet been allowed to have a mobile phone. This child may find it difficult to be the only one. He or she may feel disconnected from friendships and out of the community.

- This is the other side. If you, as a parent, have very strict rules in this area, you run the risk of your child being excluded from the community," says Sanne Lind.

That is why she thinks it is important to talk about this in a parenting group and, for example, to agree on some good ethical agreements. 

- Then you as a parent can actively decide whether you should give up on the issue," she says.

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