SAEGS Survival Evolved 

We don’t support any other platform! 

SAEGS Survival Evolved is one of our biggest category where we have dedicated hundreds of hours
to provide the best and cheapest ingame items possible.

SAEGS was founded with the belief that we would always honor our commitment to our clients, our partners, our knowledge and our creativity.
The framework of our business and fabric of our culture are rooted in this belief — it’s what enables us to continuously go One Step Further a classic catchphrase that’s served us well. 
Our group was born out of lived experiences between trading ingame items and receiving them.  Having experienced the customer and seller side, we saw first-hand how it failed to provide the safety, service and quality we all deserve. 
Unlike traditional “Resellers” of ingame items, SAEGS doesn’t confine itself to either product making or delivery; we do both, all under-one-roof. Our team of digital experts work collaboratively with our delivery department to develop the smoothest transaction out there. We see this as advertising for the new age. Join us Today.

Discord: Avion#9087
or Call: 8:30AM – 8PM (+46 075209914)

About our auditions.


Summer ProgramsDancers must be 8 years old by their audition date and no older than 25 on June 1, 2021.

Trainee & BFA ProgramDancers must be 13 years old by their audition date and no older than 25 on September 1, 2021.


Domestic AuditionsPre-registration is recommended but is not required. 

  • In Person: $35 USD (Early Registration) | $40 USD (Walk-In)
  • Virtual: $40 USD

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International AuditionsPre-registration is recommended but is not required. The audition fee for pre-registered students varies by the country.

Please see our International Audition locations for more details. 

Digital AuditionsPlease click here to see digital audition requirements.

  • Digital: $40 USD