Online casinos legal: Gambling streams on Twitch soon back in trend?

Online casinos legal: Gambling streams on Twitch soon back in trend?

Slots on Twitch

So-called gambling streams on platforms like Twitch are currently causing a lot of discussion in Germany. Well-known gambling streamers like Jens "Knossi" Knossala and MontanaBlack have come under particular pressure because the online casino games they present were illegal in Germany. But now the tide could be turning.

The two streamers, often dubbed "controversial" in the press, had ceased their activities a few months ago. Now they could turn their attention back to gambling in their streams, however. The State Treaty on Gambling 2021, which has been in force since the beginning of July, at least allows this.

The new State Treaty on Gambling does not explicitly mention the area of "streaming", but the typical content of gambling streamers can be subordinated to the area of advertising. In terms of gambling advertising, GlüStV says that only legal online casinos and sports betting offers may be advertised. Also, under the rights of advertising, it is possible to do a variety of online Indian casino reviews, but the advertising must also be "moderate" and must not, for example, portray gambling as a way of making money or as a solution to financial problems.

However, if Knossi and MontanaBlack were to scrupulously adhere to the new law in the future, their gambling streams would likely look significantly different from they did last year. Last October, for example, Knossi complained that the restrictions on online slots provided for in the new state contract would take virtually all the entertainment out of his streams.

For example, he said, he would have to take the mandatory five-minute break after 30 minutes of play. Also, the auto-play function he otherwise likes to use in his videos could not be activated on legal gambling sites. In addition, his well-known outbursts of joy at casino winnings could be incompatible with the advertising restrictions.

Almost three weeks after the State Gambling Treaty came into force, Knossi has so far paid no attention to gambling in his videos. Whether he will approach the topic again remains questionable.

Casino streamer Knossi

MontanaBlack still inclined towards the industry

This could look different with his competitor MontanaBlack (real name: Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris). The 33-year-old still sounded in April of this year, he could have long been a millionaire, had he accepted advertising contracts with online casinos not licensed in Germany.

For this reason, he also spoke of wanting to emigrate to Malta, where he would earn "in half a year with casinos" what he otherwise earns in five years with YouTube. Morally, he does not find his gambling streams reprehensible at all.

He does not share Knossi's repeatedly expressed desire to be a role model and to protect minors from gambling addiction. The online casino operators that will be legal in Germany in the future could therefore possibly open doors for him.

How MontanaBlack would deal with the new restrictions on online slots, however, is uncertain. Perhaps the streamer will have to move to Malta after all.

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