Ventilation systems of PVC windows

Plastic windows themselves are sealed - this is their advantage and at the same time the disadvantage, since the breathability is minimal. It is for this reason that the windows are stuck, that is, condensation appears. It also becomes too humid in the room. Therefore, the ventilation system is needed for each window. It can be provided very easily, for example, just opening the window. Sometimes manufacturers equip the windows with automatic ventilators, which themselves open and close the window. Such a mechanism is based on an electric drive. The venturer itself consists of two components: the first is located on the sash, the second on the frame (with electric drive). The mechanism works due to drawing and pushing the second element of the mechanism. Furniture has limiters that install a gap for opening. Info such automatic systems are equipped with a control panel, which allows not only to open the sash, but also to set the opening angle. There are also ventilation timers, that is, after a certain period of time, the sash opens. There are also more “smart” models that are equipped with sensors reacting to the wind or rain. Sensors are installed from the outside and at the time of worsening weather the sulfur is closed. True, sometimes an open window brings inconvenience, for example, in the cold season. Therefore, it will be wiser to combine automatic ventilators with a glass -glazing window microventration. Mikroventilation is a supply device that is built into a wall or window and provides an air flow. There are two types of such a device. The first includes an air flow into the room and its extract on the street. The second type consists of two elements that perform each of its function according to the influx and exhaust of air. The most simple ventilation elements are planks and shutters. They are installed at the top of the window. However, they have one significant minus - they disrupt sound insulation. There are more modern mechanisms - these are valves. These devices are self -regulating, the network independently delay the air depending on the pressure and movement of the air. At the same time, additional installation of equipment and additional care is not needed. The only thing you need to regularly change the filter. If desired, you can stop the air flow. In addition, the valve does not affect the general properties of the double -glazed window - thermal insulation and sound insulation. nuru massage florida

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