Why a ballistic helmet is needed

Modern protective helmets are products made of special (usually composite) materials that combine high strength and low weight. A good military helmet makes any soldier more combat-ready and protected. The helmet can be fitted with lights and other necessary equipment. Depending on the level of protection, ballistic helmets can protect the wearer's head not only from blunt and cold weapons, but also from pistol balls and shrapnel. Ballistic helmets have special cushioning inserts to reduce the force of impact. There are custom products on sale with strong anti-shatter shields and with additional accessories such as sidebars, headphone cut-outs, etc. If you need a ballistic helmet, go to https://uarmprotection.com/shop/category/head-protection/ballistic-helmets/.

When choosing a Ballistic helmet, you should consider how well it provides the right level of head protection, ability to communicate with the unit, ear protection and many other features. For training, education and other tasks, you can buy a tactical helmet made of a high-strength material that makes it lightweight and comfortable.

Ballistic helmet can be made with different, color-coded helmet covers, which you can choose from on the website. Special coloring makes the soldiers less visible to the enemy, and the high fortress contributes to reliable protection.

Purpose of ballistic helmet

Proper use of the helmet will provide:

  • protection of the head from artillery shell fragments,
  • protection from mine and grenade fragments,
  • protection against shrapnel, 9 mm pistol bullets,
    shock wave mitigation,
  • reduction of damage when falling from a certain height.

These are very weighty advantages that can in a critical case save health and even save lives.

The latest generation military helmet (ballistic helmet)

Lightweight and very strong Kevlar (multilayer aramid fabric) with minimum weight (up to 1 kg), high strength, high degree of protection and the ability to absorb or disperse the impact force of a ball or fragment;
The suspension system of adjustable bindings Ops-Cor, providing a tight fit of the helmet to the head and not creating discomfort (in some models the Kevlar part of the helmet can shoot out when the ball hits, protecting the head from the impact);
an anatomical ballistic shape (the helmet covers most of the fighter's head and snarls the bullets well);
Additional fixing system - side slats for fixing the tactical mask, video camera, goggles, radio headset, as well as the forehead bracket for the lantern or moonlight.

It can be used for the daily tactical battles without any additional dodger and extra gadgets, absence of which will help lighten its weight, which is an important factor for everyday wear. To improve the camouflage properties of the helmet, use covers - covers with a camouflage pattern and a wide range of colors.

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